Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Timing and The Law Of Attraction

Ever feel like things aren't happening quite when you want?

If you're trying to master the Law of Attraction: I know that feeling: where you've created the space, enabled the idea to occur, focused on what I want, and yet.... nothing happens. Or at least, it seems like nothing is happening.

The problem with the concern about timing and the law of attraction comes from human nature: desire, ego, and time.

I had someone tell me recently that the Chinese guy, Ti-Ming has a way of messing with our ability to manifest. But my thoughts on this differ a bit. It isn't so much a matter of timing as a matter of control. Our EGO wants to control HOW we get what we want. The Law of Attraction doesn't always work like that: sometimes, we must release the HOW to be open to receive the WHAT.

Are we still trying to control the HOW of what we want? Because, usually, we only control the WHAT of what we want. The HOW is up to the UNIVERSE to decide for us. That's the trick with the Law of Attraction talked about in the movie, The Secret. We must release THE HOW to the UNIVERSE after setting up the intention.

Then, be open for what follows.

When it comes to the issue of timing, I call this the WHEN. We also must release the WHEN as sometimes we'll get MORE simply through patience or a redirection that comes to releasing the HOW.

Try releaseing the how and focusing just on the WHAT for a while, make a note of the date you thought of it, then revisit in 6 months. My bet is that you'll manifest more than you're realizing, just in different ways than you thought. That's the HOW of the UNIVERSE, in action.

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