Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It takes courage!

So many people wonder why others seem to be able to go after their dreams, while they are left pondering and vascillating about what to do or how to get their "dream" off the ground.

I've realized in my coaching that many people are really blocking themselves from their own success.

In fact, many people would like to get started with a business idea, a new relationship, a new lifestyle makeover, a new job, a new company -- but they don't! Why? Perhaps, they don't think they know enough to do it. Or perhaps they are too lazy to take the time. Or, they neg (doubting self-talk) themselves out.

Can I be the voice of reason and inspiration in the desert? Hey - guess what?

There is NO magic pill! There exists no magic formula! No secret of success - other than this:

You will attract and create what you believe you can. You can do what you believe you can do.

That's it. That is the only thing you need to know to know you CAN do your dream.

Notice, I didn't say it would be easy. I didn't say there wouldn't be any frustration or pain. I didn't say you would get it overnight. I just said you can do what you believe you can do.

Real faith -- true faith -- only occurs when you truly BELIEVE you can do something.
Have confidence in your self. Find a way. Learn what you need to learn. Act as soon as possible. Don't delay!

There are four types of people in this world: People living their dreams, people reporting on people living their dreams, and people who are waiting to live their dream, and people who have stopped dreaming or given up on their dream. Be one of the first two, preferably the first. Be someone who lives their dreams. Live is so much more rich and full when we live our life in search of our highest benefit to humanity.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Job That Won't Get Outsourced

I just finished reading an article on a popular website that was called "Jobs That Won't Get Outsourced." Now, the topic caught my eye, because my company ARRiiVE is focused on helping people create empowered environments (harder to do when you outsource) and because AspireNow's Life Purpose section is focused on helping people with their career.

So, what are the industries that present these downsizing-proof jobs?

Examples given included CONSTRUCTION, EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE, REAL ESTATE, and MILITARY. All I could think was, Hmm. I think the author is WRONG!

That's right, wrong. No offense, but as many comment bloggers noted, each of these industries are being impacted as much as the notorious call centers, customer service, and programming shops in India, China, and Mexico. We're starting to see more of the legal profession, salespeople, architects, and other careers impacted by outsourcing, too.

Outsourcing will happen any time the head of an industry can see a way to lower costs. And, in a world that is now a "global" economy, who do you think will cost less: the job/cost of an American who lives 2.6 people per household with a $39,452.74 per capita? Or the job/cost of an Indian who lives 2.7 per ROOM with a $640.47 per capita? (source: NationMaster) Isn't it obvious to you what is going on in the world? Are way of life in America is threatening the very job we wish to keep secure!

NO JOB IS SAFE FROM OUTSOURCING. I'll say it again: NO JOB is safe from OUTSOURCING. Now, if you're a teacher, once you are tenured, your job is pretty safe. But, on the whole, outsourcing is hitting every industry imaginable.

Outsourcing irritations: why do people get upset about outsourcing?

Well, if you've had your job outsourced to a foreign country and all your friends in your division let go and looking for work, you could probably share first-hand about the frustrations of outsourcing just from the loss of jobs, let alone impact upon hard-working American families, children, and spouses. Perhaps Outsourcing is a popular topic if you manufacture Prozac or Zanax, but otherwise it probably brings up feelings of anger or concern. After all, downsizing is never pretty.

Almost everyone who calls an outsourced customer support line knows that when you're expecting an English-speaking support agent to help you, but then line get frustrated trying to explain your problem you're already upset about with the hard-to-understand foreign accent only adding to confusion, it can be frustrating to deal with outsourced call centers. One of my hosting companies provides support from the Philippines. I had a dickens of a time trying to get the site live, until I complained and threatened to pull my account, then the hosting firm escalated my email to the American headquarters and pronto - problem solved in one email. Amazing how support may not always be the same level with outsourced centers. So, that is another one of the problems. I could go on and complain for quite a while, but there are probably many people who would defend call center outsourcing by saying they've experienced lesser hold time and more satisfaction in some cases, too, to be fair.

My own company, ARRiiVE Business Solutions, offers an outsourced "Acting VP of Sales" program, not to replace your VP of Sales but to give you insights into your selling process that otherwise you could not get from a typical salesperson or manager. I don't know how I can offer that same service only serving as a consultant. So, there are cases where it can be truly helpful to outsource. And, when you're multiplying costs of $20 per event x 80,000 events, you start to get into pretty serious cost savings that make it hard to resisst outsourcing.

Now, let's take construction, for example. Aren't we seeing changes in the labor force in that industry? I've seen changes in this industry in California. Why couldn't someone come here from China or India build a building better than an American labor force? After all, was it not China who had the roadroad chain gangs that laid much of the rail lines across America over 100 years ago? I'd say construction is not a safe industry from outsourcing.

We're utilizing more and more online education as a way of learning. In fact, schools are going to more and more online methods to reduce their costs of teaching. Classrooms are getting bigger, not smaller. And, there's a lack of qualified teachers in many areas, but in others, teaching jobs are hard to come by. Consider that school districts have largely done away with such positions as Vocational Education (my father can talk to you about this - he taught machine shop) and many music programs (sniff - I grew up playing my sax in the schools bands). Today, most of the machine shops are located, guess where: CHINA! That's right. One of my best friends runs a machine shop. Fortunately for him, he has the talent to do the rare jobs that nobody else can do. So, his shop was spared the closings that occurred during the mass outsourcing and shop closures of the early 21st century. But all around him the machine shops shut down and their business, just like Nixon, went to China. In 2000, the Chinese bought up so much of the metal supplied that it became very expensive in America to compete. Welcome to the global economy. So, vocational education has been replaced with courses on computers, graphic design, and programming. But, have those jobs been outsourced? You betcha!

Education will continue to be impacted by outsourcing in the coming years.

Healthcare. I read one post that said a surgical procedure in America costs $72,000. That same procedure costs $12,000 in India. According to Travelocity, I can fly roundtip leaving San Francisco on August 21st and returning August 28th from New Delhi, India right now for: $1,550.00. Add that to the $12,000, and I think I might consider that surgery in India. Insurance or no insurance, I might save a lot of money. So, yes, healthcare is going to be affected by outsourcing, too. I already know travelling nurses are becoming a bigger profession to fill rotating needs at hospitals. More changes in healthcare are surely coming as this overpriced industry is poised, in fact, for a crash, if you ask me.

Next, Real Estate. Wait, did I just say healthcare was poised for a crash? Well, what about Real Estate? With the boom that has gone on the past 5 years, with rates well under 10%, people have boosted real estate into a bubble almost as dangerously speculative as technology stocks in the year 2000. The general rule of thumb on an investment, for fair market value, is 8.5%. Once the rates go above 8.5%, we'll see the market decline. Do you think that's going to happen soon? If and when it does, do you think we might see more real estate positions (brokers, etc.) outsourced? Yeah, I think so, too.

Last, the military. Well, I don't know about you, but if we're not in a war your military job isn't very safe from outsourcing. The military can hire many things to replace people. Technology replaces people. But, more than that, I see robots becoming more and more of a factor in military settings. (Why get human beings killed when we can send a robot to do their dirty work?) Okay, so I'm jumping into the future and pondering a world of Terminators with that comment. But, don't you think ANY industry is vulnerable to outsourcing?

That's my point.

Therefore, the only JOB that isn't vulnerable to outsourcing is that of the ENTREPRENEUR. That's right, the person who starts a business, not self-employed, as a plumber, hair salon, or some other self-employed service job may still be vulnerable, but the entrepreneur who is creating cash-flow through some mechanism is probably the only person safe from outsourcing.

That's why I became an entrepeneur. Well, not exactly. I'm just driven to do things and adverse to risk. But, being an entrepreneur is the only way I can see clear of the problem with outsourcing. It's a crazy world, but there's always been a career that has been impacted by lower prices, change in demand, technological advances, and influence of trade with other countries. Ask a horseshoer, blacksmith, farmer, and machinist how they like their job today. You'll be looking for a while before you find one of these people, yet, not so long ago those were some of the top JOB descriptions in the census. (Source: my mother's geneology work!)

What do you have to say about outsourcing? Do you think it is for real? Think you've got an idea how to protect yourself and your career from outsourcing? Let's discuss!

Please help defend internet radio!

We've got a problem with Pandora. I'll include the CEO from Pandora's letter regarding how to support their cause:

"Hi, it's Tim one more time...

Disaster looms! Yesterday a federal court denied a plea to delay the massive increase in rates webcasters must pay the record labels. This means that, absent immediate Congressional action, the new ruinous royalty rates will be going into effect on Monday threatening the future of all internet radio. This is a very dire situation and I'm writing to ask one more time for your support. The effort you've made over the past four months has been extraordinary and has forced the rapid introduction of the bill, but the committee process has been sluggish and we need to once again remind the representatives of the urgency of this issue. This is perhaps the most important phone call you can make for us.

Please call your Congressional representatives in the Senate and ask them to force immediate action on the Internet Radio Equality Act and bring the bill to a vote. It is critical that their phones begin ringing off the hook starting early in the morning. If it's busy, please try again later.

Senator Barbara Boxer: (202) 224-3553
Senator Dianne Feinstein: (202) 224-3841

I'm sorry that we have to keep asking you for this - but it's our only recourse. We are no match for the legal and legislative strength of the RIAA and we need your help. Thank you again."

If you read this and believe in equal rights for internet radio (I sure do) - please call Barbara Boxer and Senator Feinstein - and if you're outside California, please call your own congressional agents to put pressure to help keep internet radio alive.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Five Million Dollar Experiment

If you're a believer in the power of attraction, you'll find the Five Million Dollar Experiment pretty darned interesting. I sure did. I set in motion a similar experiment, for the purpose of helping empower people to do more and be more, live their purpose, and bring more love into the world.

With Steve Pavlina's Million Dollar Experiment, I decided to also make public my intention to help organizations empower their employees with the use of all money that comes my way through the million dollar experiment. (Actually, it was originally the Million Dollar Experiment, but now this experiement is over $5 Million dollars!)

I won't share all the details, except this. I am holding this intention:

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend $5,000,000 to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention.

It's a pretty cool intention. And, one I am honoring. Care to join me in this experiment?

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend $5,000,000 to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention.

It's a pretty fun way to experiment. I mean, what do you have to lose? Nothing! Right? What do you have to gain? Whatever the universe decides to send your way. I love open-ended experiments. I'm not limiting it to myself. I want to see it go to many people and help as many people as possible.

If you want to join this experiment, either visit http://www.stevepavlina.com/million-dollar-experiment.htm or visit http://www.aspirenow.com/leader-07-what-i-would-do-with-5-million-dollars.htm.

You can also learn more about the law of attraction and the secret to manifesting money at: !!

7 Steps To Building the Life of Your Dreams

By Scott Andrews, Founder of http://www.AspireNow.com

"Excellent information. I am inspired by AspireNow." - Karmen G.

I've had many people ask me how to build the life of your dreams. There are several essential elements. I think they boil down to the following:

1. A knowing. You must first know who you are and what you want to do if you are to do anything significant with your life.

2. Integrity. Being true to who you are is the first rule of enlightenment. It is also the first rule in building the life of your dreams. It starts with how we think. From there, what we say, and last, how we act. If any of these are out of alignment with what your "knowing" is, you will drop in integrity and struggle to attract what you want and to build your dreams.

3. Replace blocking mechanisms with faith and confidence. Some of the things Tony Robbins and Don Miguel Ruiz talk about involve how you program your mind. If we utilize self-talk that puts-down or all allows doubt to creep in, we allow those mechanisms to block us. Instead of allowing those blocking mechanisms a foot in our mind, we ought to give them the boot! Replacing these mechanisms with faith, confidence, and belief in what we are doing is critical to living our dreams.

4. Don't settle - keep reaching for our dreams. I think that great athletes are always reaching for another title, another way to improve their game. Artists must constantly reinvent themselves in order to remain fresh and new. Businesses much change and evolve or get passed by competition and advancements in people and technology. It is the same with our dreams. Once we have realized one, we must push forward to see where the dream is supposed to stretch us. Allowing ourselves to stretch is a healthy way to continue to grow.

5. Striving for our highest good. When Don Miguel Ruiz says "always do your best" I don't think he means the best we try to do but our absolute best we CAN do. It's like Duke Ellington said, "do the very best you can with what you've got." I think we can then stretch to do even better. I often find an article I've written five years ago and, upon reading, find edits, rewrites, and things I can improve with what I've learned since I first put the pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard!). Give yourself a boost and do your best, be your best and highest self. Who are you not to be your best - you deserve it.

6. Going for our dreams even when someone tells us we can't do it. I've almost gotten to the point where, when someone tells me "I don't think that's a good idea," or "I don't think you should..." my ears perk up, the gloves come out, and instead of fighting, I put my focus to make it happen. I can, I will, I do. That's my motto.

7. Persistence, Tenacity, and Desire. What other ways can you share your dreams? Have you reached some milestones that can inspire others? Being in business for over five years was a milestone that I passed a few years ago and it's pretty cool. The business has produced more in the past year then all the other years combined, so sometimes, the dream just requires LONGEVITY and PERSISTENCE to make it happen. So, go for your dreams and make them come true.

I have listed some of the top resources for you to create the life of your dreams, featuring books, audio programs, and card sets by Anthony Robbins, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Eckart Tolle, to help you with building the life of your dreams. You can live on purpose and discover meaning in life through these programs. You're welcome to visit that information at my product site:

I welcome your comments and success stories about living an elegant simplicity life and making your life more fun and abundant.

Scott Andrews is a life coach, business consultant, and CEO/Founder of AspireNow (www.AspireNow.com), a site helping people realize their business and personal aspirations. He is a speaker and the author of numerous articles and workbooks on business success, life purpose, smooth sailing relationships, and creating abundant lifestyles. He launched the first interactive self-help program on the Net, called the AspireNow Advisor. Visit the AspireNow website or contact Scott at info@AspireNow.com for an introductory coaching session.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

How to get a million visitors to your site, ethically.

I've heard this headline before. And, frankly, I'm skeptical any time I see one of those page long sales or affiliate letters about something you can do to increase your website traffic. However, today I encountered one that looked different. It actually utilized software that maximizes the referral network to put your site on a list, by taking you to links, you get a code for that site to PROVE you actually visited the site. Then, at the end of visiting all SIX sites, you get code to enable you to replaces one of the five sites with YOUR site. How cool is that? While I'm unsure about exactly how many users it will promote to my sites, I figured it's worth a try. From what I can tell, it truly works. Check it out:


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Digging in the Dirt

Have you ever dug into your relationship past?

Ever gone into a mode where you thought getting back together with an ex would be a good idea?

Well, let me warn you:

Some things don't change.
I call it "digging in the dirt" and I've been guilty of it a couple times in my life.

However, I don't think it is a good idea. I'll share why:

If you separated with your ex because they were impossible to get along with, displayed addiction problems, or other incompatibilities that were at your core level, there is very likely no chance in the world that with time, or age that those problems just mysteriously resolved themselves. Most likely, it won't take long before one of these problems will rise up and happen again.

There is little evidence of people who fought like cats and dogs 5, 10, 15, or 20 years ago being able to suddenly get along years later.

Now, if the reason you broke off with an ex was because of distance or something relating to having to move away for a job or other situation (military duty, for example), then there MAY be a chance you could reconcile. That is about the only case I would consider it, though. The only other one might be where people dated, loved each other, and just sort of drifted and then met other people. In those cases, it MIGHT work. All I can say about that is WHY did you drift? That's the question you have to get at to know if it makes sense to try again.

Because all of the other reasons for break-up: a) disrespect, b) mistrust, c) dishonesty, d) cheating, e) rude behavior, f) incompatibility, g) poor communication, h) bad habits probably
haven't really resolved themselves in the years since you split up.

There's another reason why I think digging in the dirt is a bad idea:

With all the fish in the sea, why chase after one that you've already swam with, played with, dined with, or even tasted, and spat out?

Really? Why go after something you already know doesn't fit your diet of relationship happiness? Instead, why not meet someone new, create new memories, with none of that ugly baggage dragging along behind you? Why not leave the baggage buried?

That is how I feel about digging in the dirt. Sometimes the best place for things that were dead and buried is exactly that: in the graveyard of lost relationship dreams where you buried them.

I've heard it said, that sometimes it is best to start with a clean slate and start over. Well, there's nothing better than starting over with someone NEW. Because with someone new you have a chance to build something loving, something fun, something common, that you never could have built with the relationship that you buried in the past.

If you're a single, searching for love, here's to meeting that someone new, special, and loving who will treat you right. Here's to meeting someone with whom you can really share love.

Care to comment on this article? Are you struggling with digging in the dirt yourself? Let me know!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Opening PANDORA's Box

For those who love our Elegant Simplicity column, you'll know that we think music is a key to happiness in life.

Well, for many of us, we're rather disgruntled with music choices - even cable radio doesn't cut it. I want stations that are defined by MY choices - not someone elses. Yet, I don't want to have to pay a lot for it (not that I haven't - I own way too many CD's).

Check this out:

Wow! Anyone who loves music and freedom in music choices will love this:


You can create your own music station by - get this - typing in an artist or song. Pandora then searches the Genome and dials up the music that is similar to that artist for you. Not perfect, but pretty good. And, it will also let you say "nope, not what I wanted." Although, frankly, they hit my goals about 85% of the time, which is good enough for me for a free-form mix that fits "genre" to the point I want to define it.

I created Zuco 103 station (for brazilian/acid jazz), they got it right, so I tried Miles Davis, and Pandora dialed up some straight-ahead jazz with a mix of fusion, which was what I wanted. If I had just wanted straight-ahead, I probably would have chosen something like Clifford Brown or Hank Mobley. Of course, I also dialed up a "stan getz" radio station.

Next, I dialed up world music with Africantus, then tried out a little Jack Johnson and G Love stations. Classical, same success. I also created a Frank Sinatra Station. Sly & Family Stone, and more. Heaven in music station choices. Finally.

Ahh.. it makes cable radio look as bad as those radio stations on the dial!

Of course, coupled with some hardware like this:
Puts a whole new meaning on "got a squeeze box daddy doesn't sleep at night!"

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