Tuesday, July 1, 2014

30 Days of Cold Showers Challenge: COMPLETED

I did it. 30 days of cold showers.

While this challenge started off scary, it ended feeling exhilarating.

While most people I talked with found it either crazy or interesting, many wanted to know how it was going.
Oddly, the last 15 - 20 days were actually rather easy.

I suppose it is this way with many challenges. Once we dig into the hardest part, the rest becomes easier as we acclimate to the change.

One question you may have: "Did you take a warm shower today?" Yes, I did. And I enjoyed it. But I took a quick shower - one thing that held over from the cold! So, I'll continue to save time. The next time I hear someone say "you took a long shower" that will be a sign that it is time for 30-days again.

If you haven't started it, I encourage you to take the Cold Shower Challenge. Write me and let me know how it goes! You'll find many benefits. I wrote about my journey here:

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Take the Cold Shower Challenge
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