Monday, June 2, 2014

Take the 30-Day Cold Shower Challenge


I'm currently taking a 30-day COLD Shower Challenge.

A friend on Facebook, Allison, who always is a bit on verge between either "whoa, really?" and "INSPIRING" posted this event on Facebook, and said "hey, want the motivation, watch this video:"

Here's the Video from TEDx LUC Allison shared with me:

So, I watched the video. My girlfriend said, "I'll watch this, but I'm still taking a warm shower today." I laughed. Then I watched it. I've got a current project I just finished, and I've been a bit exhausted. But, I have another project in front of me, and I feel it is important to kick butt at it. You know the feeling?

I do NOT want to make excuses for not taking on the tough stuff. And, I can't fail. Therefore, I MUST get outside of my comfort zone and simply go for it. By facing being uncomfortable first thing in the day, and conquering it, I'll not only have better health (so the statistics seem to show, but, hey, I'm not a doctor) but I'll feel more BAD ASS.

How does that sound to you?

DAY ONE: I got in the shower. Turned the water to COLD. Yep - no HOT at all. Then I screamed like a little girl. I continued to shutter, make noises that an animal or person in a mental hospital might make (or so I imagined), or maybe they were similar to sounds I make in sex. God knows, I hope not. But, you know, this was not an ordinary shower. I proceeded to get busy and soap and lather. The hardest part: cold water on my HEAD. YIKES. But after the first minute, you kind of realize you can deal with it. Until you let the water pour over your WHOLE BODY. YIKES YIKES YIKES! But I did it. I completed my shower, turned off the water, with a sense of pride that I only needed to turn off the COLD knob. Then I towel dried, and stepped out - and let out a "whoo hoo!" Yep. One day done. Check.

Guess what? I'm on DAY TWO. I've decided to post a potential health benefit or psychological benefit every day of the 30 day challenge, here at AspireNow. The first benefit: MORE EFFICIENCY. When you take a 5 minute cold shower, you sure are more efficient with the soap and lather! Plus, no day-dreaming for 15 minutes under the hot stream. Showers are guaranteed to be on the shorter side of time. So, as a lesson for entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, anyone, actually, perhaps the lesson is to DO MORE WITH LESS.

There's something inspiring about that, isn't there?

Second, the health benefit for today: more TESTOSTERONE. I've recently felt sluggish, maybe testosterone will help. We'll find out!

Why not join me? 28 Days to go, baby!

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Brandon Richards said...

Dude! This was an awesome post! I watched the video and am very tempted to start the 30 day cold shower challenge tomorrow!

Feel free to visit me at my blog (My purpose is to help others to find purpose and peace)

Take care!

Seriously Fun Self-help! said...


I'm glad you enjoyed it. The 30-Day Cold Shower Challenge is definitely a way to "jolt" yourself into springing into new action. It's working for me.


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