Monday, June 9, 2014

Cold Shower Challenge: Day 9 Breathe Right

You might wonder... what do this:

and this...

have in common?

The answer: BREATHING

Without proper air intake, a human being will suffer. Without any air, you die. Oddly, many human beings develop poor breathing habits over the course of their lifetime. I, myself, have an issue with sleep apnea. However, I am also a SAX MAN. And, yes, playing the saxophone requires good breathing habits.

On day 9 of the Cold Shower Challenge (yes, I've been taking cold showers now for nine straight days), I realized that the cold shower is EASIER to get through if you BREATHE properly while going through it. You actually have to concentrate on breathing cycle to breathe better. By doing so, you distract your mind from the cold water, though, so it serves two benefits. It is easy to hyperventilate during the cold shower, and also easy to just hold your breath and shiver! However, the panic only makes the experience worse, so I find by breathing calmly and deeply I get through the shower smoothly.

Have you faced something uncomfortable lately - perhaps even DANGEROUS? Well, make sure you breathe calmly and deeply and discover your success!

While watching athletes perform at high levels, you will also note high levels of breathing control. With musicians, it is similar. For those who master public speaking, they, too, learn to breathe naturally.

I encourage you to undertake more conscious BREATHING this week and see how it impacts your own empowerment. 21 more days to go!
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