Thursday, June 26, 2014

30-Day Cold Shower Challenge: Is This Therapy?

After signing up for the 30-Day Cold Shower Challenge, I read in a blog that some people actually use the Cold Showers as THERAPY. Is this possible?

Well, today, as I joked about taking a cold shower being "romantic" (yeah, I know, funny guy) I did stop and think about the impact of the showers in my life over the past 26 days. Yes, I'm on day 26.
According to Joel Runyan, who has taken the concept of Cold Showers to actually trademark the term "Cold Shower Therapy" has this to say about it:

"Sometimes you just have to dive in.
If you’re staring at a project, and are having trouble convincing yourself to start, finding the beginning point and work your way through it little by little, you might need to throw it out, start from scratch and dive in headfirst – planning be damned.
If you have been trying to lose weight with a workout here and a workout there, you need to go full throttle, lift heavy, sprint everywhere and clear out your entire kitchen of junk food.
If you’re working on your business and are getting overwhelmed by how to get started, you might need to stop trying to plan every detail of your 5 year plan and just dive in and focus every ounce of energy you have on making your first dollar.
Dive in.
Get after it."
Here is a guy who understands what these Cold Showers mean. For me, it was about two things: (1) proving I could do it to get that tenacity back for the new business project I was diving into, (2) better health/weight loss/increased testosterone. Has it worked? Yes. I'm actually not looking forward to July. Because I now ENJOY my cold showers. I turned fear into love. I turned foreboding into looking forward to it.

Cold Shower Therapy turns something that you know is going to suck and turns it into something you can claim victory over. If you haven't had a victory in a while - you're due, right? Take cold showers for 5 minutes a day for the next 30 days. And go DO SOMETHING. Yeah, I'm in the middle of doing that something in my life. And I was coming off a victory, but EXHAUSTED. I needed a system reboot. The cold showers did it for me. I have a feeling they'll do it for you.

Because you see, the cold showers are about mental benefits you never realize until you do it. Are their physical benefits, too? You bet there are. Cold water induces an increased metabolic rate. Exposing your body to cold temperature makes your body re-regulate and burn calories. Your body could build a layer of fat if you kept doing cold showers for a long time. So, my feeling is to do the 30-day, then go back to a regular shower for a while.

The mental victory in accomplishing this challenge is hard to describe. But you can say I definitely feel more "bad ass" by doing this. I'm ready to take on other challenges, too, because I KNOW I can do them.

Four days to go... I've got this!

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