Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Transform Criticism Into Positive Results

If you are a typical human being, you are probably bombarded with criticism in one way or another through various times in your life. Criticism comes from many sources: family, friends, strangers, enemies, and even our own self. In fact, often, we are our own worst critics.

I hope this saying resonates with you:

Criticism cannot upset you unless you agree with it.

Think about that. Is it possible that you are AGREEING with the voice(s)? If so, why?

How many times are we criticised without merit? Does that person really know us? Are they putting us down to build themselves up? Or, just being hard for the sake of it because their life sucks? What is their motive? Does it even MATTER?

Those who fail often have 80% or more negative self-talk. Whatever the reasons, we fare better if we SHIFT the negative voice to POSITIVE voice. Instead of saying to yourself "I'm not good enough" or "I'm too fat" or "I'm not handsome enough" or "I'm not pretty enough" or "my speaking voice isn't good enough" or "People won't care what I think" or all these crazy thoughts that come in our head or we might have heard at some point - replace these with the following:

People care about me.
I am superbly capable.
I am just right.
People will respond to me.
My voice can project and be heard.

You get the idea? If you catch yourself criticising - STOP. Write down the negative thought. And counter-balance it immediately with the oppositve, POSITIVE thought. Write that down and start repeating that NEW POSITIVE THOUGHT to yourself. Here's the new mantra that you can use to transform your life:


Those who are most successful have 80% positive thoughts and self-talk. So, make the shift, right now, and watch your own life change for the better.

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