Monday, October 20, 2008

When Love Doesn't Fade Away

Have you loved someone, moved on, but noticed later that this person seems to still be present in your thoughts? I have. Love memory sometimes creates an interesting phenomenon that results in a reappearance or memory getting triggered from time spent, familiar activities, certain sayings, shared experiences (music, events, conversations, destinations), and more.

Lately, I've even found that a certain woman who I loved dearly keeps popping into my dreams. This is happening AFTER I thought I had done all the processing of the break-up, cutting cords, and moved on. Do I have an easy explanation for it? Actually, no, I don't. All I can say is that a part of me still feels very strong love towards her. I may always love her.

Can you relate?

If this is your situation, you really are faced with several questions, where you might ask "Does this mean..."

1. ... you have unfinished business?
2. ... you simply had a profound experience; learn and live from it?
3. ... you are still in love and belong together?

If the answer is #1, you may not be able to complete your "unfinished business" at this time. For example, if either of you have moved into a new relationship, whether dating or married, it may preclude any discussion or experience to find out why the love, feelings, thoughts, or other concerns haven't faded away. Even if neither of you are in relationship, there must be a door to communication. One party may have an interest, but if the other party shut the door you really ought not seek to reconnect until THEY reach out to you. That's my take at my current situation. If the dreams really mean something, the Universe/Spirit/God/Nature all have a way of directing us to "bump" back into each other in a random way at the right time. Trust that time and nature to direct you towards what is best for you and don't force it.

If they DO reach out to you, don't be rude and push them away. Hear them out and see what they have to say.

If your situation is #2, well, this is life. Sometimes, people may still affect us but if they were impossible to live with - or even date - then it is for the best to learn from this experience and grow from it. Incorporate the positives into your new life and make sure to avoid previous mistakes either in communication or ways you expressed your love. As long as we grow, we're living life and becoming our best self every day.

If your situation is more #3, then I have one simple question: "Have you BOTH expressed a desire, willingness, and interest in redeveloping a loving relationship together?" If the answer to this question is a resounding "Yes!" then go for it! Give love a chance... more than one couple split up only to find out years later that they really did love each other the most. I wish you both the best in learning new ways to resolve differences so that you stay together in your effort to grow your love together.

When love doesn't fade away, don't fret. Life is full of experiences. Sometimes the experiences will stay with us through our memories our entire life. There's nothing wrong with remembering someone we loved dearly. Enjoy the memory, and cherish the love you once shared together.

I feel strongly that love is an action word. If we feel love, we often need to reach out and act. If you pulled away because you were hurt, perhaps enough time and healing has transpired to reach out to the person you used to love. You just might be surprised what love awaits you in your future.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Is Your Reality Matching Your Dream?

Are you achieving your dreams? No?

It isn't always an "automatic" that we're going to achieve all of our dreams. Maybe a job or career decision didn't work out the way we'd hoped. Perhaps a relationship went South instead of going past the Altar. Maybe our health set us back. Whatever the reason, at times we need to regroup and take stock of what is going on with the dream we had for our life and reality of what is actually occurring.

I recently did this with my own life, and decided a change was in order. I'd already changed my relationship, but as I took stock, I decided my career wasn't quite what I wanted it to be. So, I focused on how to help others where I knew the most, loved what they did the most, and felt I could help the most. That led me to a new opportunity as VP Sales for a technology firm. It is an opportunity for me to help them launch this company - something that matches my passion. It is an opportunity for me to regroup what I'm doing with AspireNow and ARRiiVE, and an opportunity to providing more funding while buying me more time with what I do.

In the meantime, once I made that change, I then could step back and review AspireNow and in new light. Now, I've decided to make ARRiiVE purely about innovation in business launch. That's it. The selling programs I've offered there will be spun into a separate website, called "Concepts of Selling", the team-building process I've been working on will be spun into "" with the software I'm building spun into another name.

You see, sometimes, when we adjust one area of our life, it frees us to adjust other areas, too. I chose one adjustment to lead me to another, then another, and then another. Each one of these adjustments is a way for me to focus the energy of each business or activity into what it really needs to become.

What can you re-tool in your own life? Is it time to dump one activity and replace it with something that better matches your dreams?

I'm not just talking about work, either. In my own adjustments, I also found more time to refocus my energy on my band, and that is thriving again over at with many new gigs, a video, completing a CD, and more.

Take stock of your dreams. Then look at the THREE most important things you need to manifest to make your dreams reality. Then go DO THOSE THREE THINGS. When you do this, your life will improve, your happiness will increase, and you will feel much more fulfilled in living your path to match your dream with your reality.

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