Friday, November 30, 2007

A Childhood Hero: Daredevil Evel Knievel Dies

According to a family member, the legendary daredevil, Evel Knievel, died at the age of 69 today.

Sad news. As a kid, I was inspired by the daring feats Evel Knievel would try to accomplish.

The biggest dare I recall Evel going after was jumping the Snake River on his motorcycle. At the time, this was a big deal. I remember the crazy stunts Evel would do, and also remember that in many of these stunts, he failed. I recall seeing him with broken legs in casts. It wasn't pretty.

Yes, there he was, in all his glory, dressing like an American flag, ready to jump the next Guiness record into history.

At the time of his death, this article reports that he had 40 broken bones in his body. What sacrifice to live his purpose!

If you think about your own life, what have you sacrificed to live your dreams? Do you have ANY broken bones over it? I don't. I may have experienced other aches and pains, but not those.

Imagine if, every time you were going to go for your next big challenge, you know you could end up in the hospital -- or even worse, dead! That was the fear that Evel Knievel had to overcome. And that was why he was an American hero.

Who were your childhood heroes? What did they sacrifice? I love hearing stories of people who've faced their fears and recovered. Evel Knievel was a hero who showed us all how it could be done.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

How Important Is Global Warming?

In a speech to the London Business School on March 28, 2006, entitled "The Opportunity for Private Citizens to Effect Positive Change in an Increasingly Interdependent World," Bill Clinton discussed Global Warming. In that address, the former President of the United States asserted: "[Global Warming] is the only existential threat that, those of you who are students here, your generation faces. It could literally undermine your ability to raise your children and grandchildren." He went on to say "And yet it is a phenomenal opportunity."

The problem with energy and the global warming trend is caused by several factors, but primarily these three:

We're burning too much coal, using too much oil, and deforesting too much of our planet. Of these three, though, over 65% of the damage is caused by the burning of coal, oil and gas. In other words, the way we're powering our world is impacting our very future existence upon it.

However, the odds are rather low that anything is going to change dramatically until the Earth burps on the Human inhabitants pumping out all of the precious black gold from its Geothermal inner layers. Upon what fact can I base this opinion?

Fact: over 50% of the world's richest companies are OIL & GAS companies.

It's true. Look at this list from Forbes, published in March '07:

Rank Company Country Industry Sales Profit

#1 ExxonMobil United States Oil & Gas $335.09 $39.50
#2 Royal Dutch Shell Netherlands Oil & Gas $318.85 $25.44
#3 BP United Kingdom Oil & Gas $265.91 $22.29
#4 Citigroup United States Banking $146.56 $21.54
#5 Bank of America United States Banking $116.57 $21.13
#6 General Electric United States Conglom. $163.39 $20.83
#7 Pfizer United States Drug/Bio. $ 48.37 $19.34
#8 Chevron United States Oil & Gas $195.34 $17.14
#9 HSBC Holdings United Kingdom Banking $121.51 $16.63
#10 PetroChina China Oil & Gas $ 68.43 $16.53
#11 ConocoPhillips United States Oil & Gas $167.58 $15.55
#12 Total France Oil & Gas $175.05 $15.53

(Numbers are in billions of dollars)

If you think the numbers change when you sort on Total Sales, oil and gas still rank 6 out of 12, or 50% of the list. That's a lot of revenue and a ton of profit for those six companies.

Source: Forbes list of 2,000 richest companies, top (03/07)

What's my point? Of the wealthiest companies in the world, black gold (oil & gas) is producing more wealth than almost all of the other companies combined. They are that rich.

Chart at left source: Forbes list of 2,000 richest companies, top (03/07)

And that's the problem with global warming. See, we COULD produce a car that runs on solar and air, IF we put our research dollars behind these technologies. Forget bio diesel, ethanol, which drive up the cost of corn and thus food cost. Forget hydrogen, even, which I've been saying is the answer for over 10 years. We need cars that run on compressed AIR - our greatest resource next to water.

And, we need these vehicles now. Upon looking at the rate of pollution and warming, Al Gore did a pretty good job of explaining the problem in "An Inconvenient Truth" with the following chart compiled by the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research of the UK Meteorological Office:

The clean air acts like the Kyoto Treaty and other government agency efforts to reduce pollution to 1990 standards is not enough to reduce the impact upon the environment. As you can see here, 1990 is still too high, and may still lead to a global warming or ice age. The world is filled with many, many people. All of these people driving cars might get the oil companies excited, but at some point the amount of global warming just might cause the skin of our earth to shift. The thin crust we all live upon is not that thick compared to the Earth's core. Polar caps HAVE melted before in the Earth's past and shifted the landscape.

Why aren't the oil companies worried? Actually, they seem quite concerned. In visiting each of the energy company websites, I found that most of them are mentioning sustainable energy, renewable energy, and Global Warming. Chevron has an action plan to address Global Warming that includes (1) reducing emission of greenhouse gases and energy efficiency, (2) investing in R & D and technology, (3) pursuing business opportunities in driving alternative energy revenue, and (4) supporting flexible and economically sound policies and mechanisms that protect the environment. It all sounds good on the surface, such as agreeing to lowering levels to 1990; however, I think we need to be MORE dramatic than 1990. We need 1890 emission levels if we are to start reversing the damage! Many of their initiatives, underneath the surface, didn't seem to me to be aggressively addressing the problem. Reading about carbon sequestration didn't convince me that we could lower greenhouse levels substantively through that program.

Considering these companies ARE investing in new technology in record amounts (BP claims to have invested in alternative energy more than any other company in their current commercials that airing on CNBC), clearly they know alternatives exist, except that these companies often buy alternative energy companies to shut down threats to their own existence. But what can they do to stop their pursuit of wealth? At this point, the markets are driven by REVENUES, PROFITS, and HITTING ESTIMATED NUMBERS. As a CEO of a corporation, if you miss your numbers, your stock gets hammered. As CEO, when your stock drops, your job is on the line. So, the very system is working to fuel the oil thirst that haunts our fragile planet's future existence.

Considering that momentum, what can we do?

First, start speaking up. That's why I wrote this post. I care about green companies. But, more than that, I want to see a car fueled by AIR hit the market in a serious way. Pictured, at right, is an air car by MDI. So, it IS possible. Air, as a fuel, souldn't cost much of anything and combining the solar cell technology with an air engine could enable the world to support Chinese and Indian automobiles, which are only rising in demand in our global future.

If you're developing technology around air, solar, or hydrogen, and wish to include me in your initiatives, please share what you're developing. Perhaps we can start a group at Plaxo to facilitate this discussion further. You may also contact for further help on the matter.

Second, start investigating what is happening with air and solar. I keep thinking of the lyrics to the song that go "All I need is the air that I breathe yes to love you" and believe air and sunshine is the answer. Call me a tree-hugger if it makes you happy, but it just makes the most sense to me. We have the technological know-how to develop these technologies to be produced en-masse and develop a more sustainable planet. We're just NOT getting these developments fast enough because of the financial factors driving the greed of the world's wealthiest companies. We need to push our government, these companies, and other influences to act now and get the infrastructure developed to support a shift in how we power our planet.

Last, make an effort to reduce your own oil dependency. Drive less. Lower your commute. Get rid of the gas guzzler and buy a vehicle more economical - or better yet - a hybrid. We've got to start moving more in the direction of sustainable living. A pdf file by the EPA helps describe these steps in further detail.

I'm involved with an organization called Global Footprint. The focus of the group is how humans can grow sensibly and sustain healthy living within the footprint of the Earth.

Again, in looking at what's happening around the world, start to think about AIR and SOLAR vehicles. Ultimately, we need to arrive at a solution allowing sustainable economic and human population growth within our global footprint. The opportunity is here now. We must not delay.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fake It Til You Make It

How many times have you heard this expression?

"Fake it until you make it."

I heard it again tonight. It can be useful to people trying to get to an acceptable level of success. I've used it myself in my past. Heck, sometimes, with some new products or services, I feel like I'm faking it a little, now. But, actually, what I've realized is that when we think we're faking it, we're often not faking it at all.

That's right. I don't think it's fake to stick your hand up in the air and say "I can do that!" and then have to figure out how to do it. Because, frankly, many of the world's biggest companies do this when they are trying to secure a big account.

I remember when I told Tandem I could sign over $1,000,000 in revenue volume in equipment for computer service and support and start supporting it with just five days' advanced notice. That's not a lot of time to implement a major deal of that size. At the time, all of the rules in my company were stacked against me. The company had a hard and fast rule that we couldn't add equipment without serial numbers. We also were supposed to input our own orders (I'd have been there a month just doing that!) Yet, this was a lot of money. I needed the deal. So, I stood up and said to the client "We can do it." In other words, I was faking it until I made it. But, I knew I could do it, if I just got my management team to buy into the deal.

So, my biggest sales pitch was actually not to the customer, but to my own company. I profiled the account, profiled the equipment base, and approached my Director of service operations. He listened to me, then dialed the Senior Vice President of Operations at D1, Marty McHale. I liked Marty. I'd met him before and let him know what I was working on just three months earlier. So, it wasn't a new discussion. Like my Mom used to tell me "don't go to the grocery store when you're hungry" I'd bought my groceries in advance, so to speak. After Marty heard my profile, and listened to the Director's position, he suggested implementing with an asset management program to get the serial numbers. I suggested assigning an implementation manager to the account so that I could still be free to sell to other accounts. Marty assigned J.D. to the account, who masterfully smoothed over all of the initial customer issues on our first service calls.

So, that was a situation where speaking up and saying, "yes, we can do this," when I wasn't 100% sure of HOW we'd do it, made me a lot of money.

There are probably people who will read this and say "If I say I can do something, and I can't, aren't I setting myself up for failure?"

The answer is "Yes, if you don't have the experience or know how you will do what you raise your hand for, indeed you DO have an opportunity to fail." I know. I failed miserably doing this. I once agreed to speak at a group of managers, with a time slot right after lunch, and with the meeting place right by the beach (good for them, not good for me). To make matters more challenging, it was my first talk in over a year, and I was speaking on a new topic. The group I was speaking to was, in many ways, more senior to me, with more experience. And, last, I was totally sick with a bad flu when I accepted the speaking engagement, figuring I could get well in the week before I spoke.

Bad idea. You can't fool mother nature and this was before the discovery of Airborne. I was NOT well the day before the talk, but felt it was too late to cancel. The next day, I was still messing around with slides trying to get it just right. I practiced my talk on the drive to Santa Cruz. When I arrived half an hour early, I found out that they didn't have the proper overhead set-up for me. Even the extra time didn't help me correct the problem. So, I had to put my slides on a chair, which looked tacky. I was nervous, sick, and under pressure. The group had people in the back of the room being intentional trouble-makers. Well, it was a rough day. If I had to grade my talk, I think I'd have given it a 6 out of 10 that day. I was that bad. And, for me, that was a dismal failure. I'm used to getting 9's and 10's on my talks! I learned so much about speaking from that talk! I'll never forget one of the managers who looked in my eyes, held my hand, and said, "Scott, you have a gift. Make sure you use it." Her comment is still part of what drives me to speak to this day.

Now, when I go into a group, I speak about topics I've spoken about before. In addition, I take certain steps to control what is happening in the room. I often include facilitators in the back who I can refer to as I speak. This gives me a complete command of the room, because people in the back won't goof off if they know you have a plant back there watching them. More than that, I do active Q & A whenever possible, because, like Bill Clinton, I'm good at the townhall style of speaking off the stump. Slides are cool, but they can restrict what you're doing if you're not careful.

I always have my notes together before my talk now, and always practice it. Then I throw my notes away and try it again. It's amazing how much you learn when you can't cheat!

You probably get the point: you CAN take a chance. You MIGHT fail. But, even the failures will end up making you stronger. So, my theory is, GO FOR IT. Have you faked it and had it work out for you? Flopped? What would you recommend to your peers and people starting out with living their purpose?

I say "Fake it until you make it." And, you just might surprise yourself. If not, you'll learn so much to help you be even better in the future, the lesson will be worth the cost.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How Bloggers Make Money

I launched a new program last on November 19 and forgot to share it here on the blog:

Profitable Business Blogging (

Through this valuable course, which starts Tuesday night, November 27, at 6PM PST - 7:15PM PST (don't worry, I'll provide audio downloads of the teleseminars you might miss), you can learn:

How A-List bloggers built their blogs
How to launch your own blog
How to use blogging software technology
Powerful promotion strategies
How to get your articles Top Ranking in Google (what I call G-juice!)
And much, much more!

The information in this course is compiled from over 500 hours of personal internet research. If you're starting a blog, why invest all that time when you can learn what I know within one month? If your time is worth more than the cost of the course (less than the value of one day, for most people) then you will benefit from this powerful program. My focus in building the program was especially how blogers make money. This is a growing trend on the internet, yet, most bloggers haven't cracked the code to success with making money with their blog.

If blogging isn't your bag, but you know someone else who is launching a business, or trying to find ways to grow traffic to their business, then you might want to refer them to this program which will help them become much more productive in much less time.

One tip from Profitable Business Blogging:

"Did you know that when you search for a name on search engines, that domain hawks might be watching your search? This means that someone else might reserve the name before you do. Do you know which search tool lets you search for a name without tracking your search? Just this tip alone can help you protect the name you so dearly need to protect. (This tool link is provided in the program.)"

I've got about 1,001 more tips like this, and many of them worth immediate money to someone who is just getting into blogging. Even if you're an experienced blogger, you will find this course to be a valuable refresh -- not to mention that I'll be adding more and more resources to the PBB website every month - your course fee gives you access for a whole year to this valuable resource database.

If there is a way I can help make the program better, specifically, for you, please email me and we can discuss. I'm always seeking ways to improve my content of the programs I offer through ARRiiVE Business Solutions.

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How To Discover Your Life Purpose

I recently read an article which stated you can discover your life purpose in less than 30 minutes. Is that true?

Yes - and no. For some people, who already know their purpose, but for some reason continually block their ability or willingness to LIVE their purpose, it really might be as easy as identifying the BLOCK to living your purpose, removing that, then go and live it.

For some people, this block is geographical in nature. In other words, if you just moved somewhere different, your purpose could flourish. Perhaps a change of locale would do you good. If you resonate with this, dig into it. However, be aware that every time you move you're basically looking at a 3-year reset in terms of your network, friends, social infrastructure, and more. It is costly to move - especially when you move to a different city more than a couple of hours away.

Other people block their purpose by living with the wrong person. If you're living with the wrong person, get out. Either that, or kick them out. The wrong person is usually someone who doesn't support your dreams. If the person you live with doesn't support your dreams, they're pulling you down. That won't fly if you're to live your HIGHEST purpose and FLY like an EAGLE, now will it?

The other way people block their purpose is to live in a routine that makes it impossible to manifest their dream. For example, they might work in a job that has them trapped away from what they need to be doing. Musicians and actors get trapped in this predicament quite often. This is the situation where chasing the almighty dollar (or whatever currency in your nation) becomes the focus, rather than doing what you love.

How To Discover Your Life Purpose:

You may have read "do what you love and the money will follow" and thought "Oh, so I just quit my job, go do my passion, and I'll get rich!" Well, guess what? That saying is WRONG! I know. I've done it. What the "experts" fail to tell you is that you can't just do what you love, you actually have to follow this formula:

1. Do what you love that people value the most.
2. Focus on providing the most of that value.
3. Remove blocks to your success.

You MUST eliminate time wasters - people, commutes, animals, video games, chatty phone calls, Internet surfing - whatever you do that causes you to waste time. Living your purpose may be challenging enough without putting thing in front of it that distract you.

Now, if you're still wondering exactly what your life purpose truly is, for you, I'll ask you the following question:

If you could do whatever it is that would make you most happy, where you are most loving, where you are providing the most value, and you're not limited by people, your gender, education, upbringing, society, or whatever else might stand in your way, what would it be?

If you can answer this question, you know your purpose. If you don't, well, then you might consider deeper investigation. I created a program for people who are struggling with this. It works. How do I know? I've used it myself. More than that, of everyone who has purchased it, the % of returns has been practically nil. That tells me it's working for people. It includes a CD, set of e-books, and additional bonus items.

You can get it here: Life Purpose Power Pack

If you don't want the whole CD and download package, and just want an easy to use, e-book download click here. Or you can start small and just get the 31 Success Tips e-book.

I have a lot of compassion for people discovering their purpose. It shows through my work. In fact, I prayed over it that it would impact your life to bring more love into your life, make you more successful, more happy, and able to love the life you live.

That's what AspireNow is about. It's what I'm about. If you resonate with that, please let me know! And, if you need personal help in discovering your purpose, contact me, as I can probably coach you through it in one or two sessions. I wish you success in living your dream life. Live like nobody told you, live the way you know you can, dance like noone is watching you, dance like a child. Life is what we make it. Make it what you want it to be in your grandest dreams.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Dream Board

I recently discovered a new software program bound to help you manifest your dreams:

The OrangePeel Dream Board Visualization Software:

Using a dream board like this can be very powerful to help you manifest your dreams regarding career, money, health, finances, and love. If you haven't designed your own collage yet, the beauty of a software tool like Dream Board is that you can modify your collage quickly, and it is always in front of you when you boot your computer. Cool, huh?

Check it out and if you want to purchase it, I created an affiliate program with Orange Peel to make it easy for you to join:

Start Creating Your Vision Board Today!

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

What Women Want

What Do Women Really Want?

Really! What DO women want? Isn't this one of the most challenging questions of all time? We thought "what men want" was difficult, but this is even harder.

The epic struggle of mankind to figure out the inner workings of women is ages old. Even Sigmund Freud, the master of modern psychology, died trying to figure out women. It isn't easy.

I had a friend once joke with me that "men mostly want sex, woman want the right to be hypocritical, yet call men on their inconsistencies." Yikes. No wonder men and women have struggles getting along!

One reason why understanding women isn't such an easy thing is because the ways women process thoughts and emotions are drastically different than their male counterparts' ways of processing.

Key difference between men and women: I've reviewed many studies that indicate women use emotion to process thought as their basis for decision making 30% more than men do.* As such, women are also known for being more intuitive than men. This is not exactly true, as men use intuition in different ways, and have different ways of communicating. Nevertheless, men tend to bond through shared activities, whereas women bond through sharing thoughts and feelings.

I've noticed that a woman will want to tell every little nuance of a story, where their male counterpart might be feeling like, "ok, what's the point?" A man typically seeks a solution to the problem, as if the story was a problem. Or, he's looking for a way to suggest something to help his woman improve, which is based upon competitive thinking (how men relate in conversation is much more competitive). In fact, a woman often is just relating this story to SHARE with him; there isn't anything competitive about it.

So what do women really want in a man?

The top 6 things women want FROM MEN, in order, are:
1. Confidence (or Power)
2. Sense of humor (Fun)
3. Money or the things money can buy (Security)
4. Looks (Protection and Attraction)
5. A little bit of "Bad boy" qualities (Mysterious and Independent/Strong)
6. All the other stuff they typically list (varies - sensitive, caring, etc.)

However, in interviewing countless women, and receiving numerous pointers from women (after all, I AM a MAN!) I must say that there is an expanded list for us guys to get familiar with, according to women. So, what is the expanded list? Men can get what they want from women much more frequently when they approach women with a few simple - yet effective - guidelines:

1. Women want a man to be confident! Confidence is the number one quality women look for. Don't be wimpy. Don't apologize for everything. Be real. Be you.

2. Women want a man who makes her feel like she's the only one. Women go nuts over a man who will go the extra mile. For example, he opens the door for her, he walks on the right side of the street, he helps her shop. I'm talking about being a GENTLEMAN! If she is cold, offer her your jacket. If she is in trouble, protect her. If there is danger, put your arm around her. Be a real man.

3. Women want a man with a sense of humor. A woman will almost always love a man who can make her laugh. If you are dull, you are boring. If you make a woman laugh, you're halfway home. Take a chance, be real, but be funny. There are several seduction experts who claim that being "cocky" and "funny" are the two most important qualities to attracting a woman. I agree.

4. Women want a man to listen to them (yes, even to the gripes and details of all the craziness) and not necessarily give advice. Many women love to complain about their problems; however, they complain not to receive advice, but merely to sound off. I know it's hard to nod and be supportive, because you want to watch ESPN or do something that to you may seem more exciting, but the fact is, your woman will go to the ends of the earth to love you when you truly listen to them and acknowledge their needs. You need to understand that women need to VENT. Allow her this, and she'll allow you in. Nod. Get involved and provide active listening feedback. Be truly interested in what she is saying without worrying about what you're going to say next. Then, watch what happens as your woman opens up to you more.

Women want men to listen to them, because they have a need to be heard. And, women want their man to express his feelings and trust her with his intimate side. Real listening, with real intimacy, is rare. Real listening is suspending thinking about what to say and being deeply engaged in what she is talking about. Listening requires actively paying attention -- shutting off the chatter mind.

5. Women want to be treated like they are the sexiest woman on the planet and that no other woman compares. Talking about your ex-girlfriends is not going to score big points with your new woman. Treating her like she's the ONLY one will make her smile for quite a while.

6. Women want to know you will be faithful. Don't tell a woman how you cheated on your ex. It won't make her think you are wise, loyal, or trustworthy. I'm not saying to lie to her -- just don't go there. Don't cheat on your woman. She will not think you are a better man for doing this. Just like you want think you are the only man she's ever loved, well, that's the thing she wants, too.

The key to faithfulness comes from your own inner character. Be a man of character and you will reap a relationship built upon trust. You gain respect through consistent committed action. Respect backed up by love builds trust, trust builds a strong relationship that can stand the tests of life and time.

7. Women SAY they want a sensitive man. Truth is, if you go around apologizing all the time and crying frequently then a woman will abuse you. Trust me, it is NOT wise to do. This was well exemplified during the beach scene in the movie Bedazzled, where the main character in the film was trying to woo his love interest, his advice had been to "be more sensitive." Well, he went so overboard, was so sensitive, that his love interest ended up walking away with another dude with the assumption that they'd have meaningless conversation and casual sex! Boy was HE surprised! Being overly sensitive is a quick way to get shown the door. It is important to strike a balance. Be strong, be there, yet share your emotions. Speak up and be real. Let them know you care. But don't be a sissy.

Women say they want to be treated like an equal. This is not true. Women want to be treated like a WOMAN. Not like a man. If she wanted to be with a woman, she'd do that. She wants to be with YOU. Therefore, be a MAN. This is not to be confused with being treated like a piece of property, not to be confused with being treated with disrespect. Women want to be respected! A woman wants to be respected for being feminine, being a woman. Women are quite different from men. A man who takes the time to understand the difference is a wise man. Bottom line here: NO MORE Mr. NICE GUY. Be a REAL MAN, not a sensitive NICE GUY. Because the nice guys usually do finish last.

You still don't get it? Ok, then try this: be your own bad self. I will say that some women are attracted to "Bad Boys". I think there is a certain ruggedness to the bad boy - they break rules, they sometimes behave rudely. But the true gentleman always remembers what matters most. Have an air of mystique, but definitely be you. If, on occasion, that means doing what you want, rather than what she wants, then do it. Just don't make a continual habit of it - that's rude.

8. Women LOVE a man with a plan. Women love men with ambition. Men who know who they are, what we're doing tonight, and what we're doing with our life. If you don't have a plan, get one. I have a plan (a) and plan (b) ready at all times, so that no matter what, it will appear I'm fairly spontaneous, but reality is I usually know where, when, and how the evening or date could go. In dating, it is extremely important that you have a plan when you ask a woman out. They will judge your sense of confidence by how well you have thought out where you will take her and what you will do together. So, think ahead, have a plan, then work that plan. While you're at it make sure you have an alternative plan, too, in case she doesn't like the first one!

It is equally important for a man to know when to call a woman's bluff and let her know when she is pushing his limits. A man who just falls over and laps at his woman's feet is a man who is called "whipped" for a reason. An example is as follows: she asks, "what do you want to do tonight," he says, "whatever you want to do." If this is his consistent pattern, he's whipped. She won't respect him in the end.

9. Don't be a tight-wad. Give the woman in your life gifts. Like the Chairman of the Board, Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, used to say, "you gotta gift 'em." Well, I figure good enough for Frank, good enough for me. After all, Frank was a MASTER SWOONER. Guys, get this: Frank Sinatra went to Hollywood with a plan to take a lengthy list of top actresses in his movie studio to bed at some point during his career. As the story goes, he pretty much succeeded. Some women will frown when they read this - but guys, I know what you're thinking: "who did Frank get together with?" Well, how about Gina Lollobrigida and Ava Gardner, for starters (I believe it was Angie Dickinson who claimed to abstain). That's like saying Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, and Charlize Theron to today's younger actor. So, maybe giving a gift once in a while isn't such a bad idea.

Just don't go broke trying to impress her! After all, Frank Sinatra also had a stellar voice, plenty of swagger, and loads of star power to go with his ability to buy a gift or two. Nevertheless, small gifts, especially gifts that show you were listening when she mentioned her favorite candy bar, or when she stopped at that jewelry counter to admire those earrings (but put them back without buying them), or how she commented on how she'd just love that dress in the window of that snazzy clothing store. Well, use your own imagination. But if you don't gift the woman in your life you'll probably be referred to by the woman you love as "cheapskate".

Now, "why," you ask, "do women care about gifts?" Good question. The answer is that one way women relate is through giving gifts - especially when you've paid attention to what they want. Women will gift exchange compliments with each other, too. So just trust me and surprise her with a gift every now and then and see if she doesn't respond favorably.

10. Be a true friend. LISTEN TO HER. Let her share her good times and problems with you. Be there, rather than just promising to be there. Consistent committed positive action is a definition of love. How do you show you are a friend? Are you there when it matters most? Are you there for the small stuff, too?

11. Women want to be loved, despite their flaws, and need to be satisfied mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as much as physically. Unconditional love would be ideal love. How can you love a woman without judgment, conditions, or rules? How would you like to be loved?

Sexually speaking, women define great sex differently than men, using words like soft candlelight, light touch, then becoming more aggressive as their mood rises to the occasion. A man, on the other hand, instantly rises to the occasion. Women want men to be their lover instead of obsessing over their body to just get sex. Rather than treat women as sex objects, treat them as someone to relate with; in other words, a real person! That means taking your time, showing extra attention, and being tender in ways with her to let her know she is special.

12. Women appreciate a man who is creative. Roses are nice. But sometimes it is extra special to think of something that most guys wouldn't do for a woman. It could be something frivolous, but if it is something that you think SHE would like, then why not do it? You might have just made her day.

13. Women want a sense of security, to know that her partner will be there if she becomes sick or when she grows old or flabby. Giving a woman security is being there through emotional and physical support. An example might be if she has to have surgery. Take the day off and be there for her, hold her hand, and give your full support to her. In other words, postpone that "tee time"! Security comes from trust. Again, this is about being able to rely in your strength of character.

Do you have a question relating to what women want?

Check out the AspireNow Advisor - solutions for only $29.95!

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Visit AspireNow's Smooth Sailing to learn more about building love in relationships.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

A little Thanksgiving blessing

Thanksgiving is here, my favorite holiday of the year in America. For those of you around the world, it is still a valuable practice to express gratitude for the things and people you value most in your life.

We've come a long way from the original colonist Thanksgiving meal (learn history here).

I'm so happy every year when we get together for good meals, incredible pies (my sister makes the best!), and so many memories and good times with friends and family.

This has certainly been a year of many blessings. These are just a few of the things that we, the
entire team at AspireNow, are grateful for:

~ Thank you to all our magnificent Aspiration Advocates and AspireNow Affiliates who share
the gift of the AspireNow with friends, family, groups, clubs, organizations, and as many
people as humanly possible.

~ Thank you to our family and best friends who have supported AspireNow and ARRiiVE Business Solutions with your love, encouragement, and suggestions to help us improve our business offerings.

~ Thank you to everyone who reads our blogs, articles, and subscribes to our newsletter. Thank you to everyone who went further and purchased one of our programs and services, including those at our newest sites, (ARRiiVE Business Solutions),, and Thank you to everyone who attended one of our talks or seminars this year and contributed such a positive, loving attitude.

~ Thank you to everyone who has helped us grow this dream and bring it to more people around the world.

Wishing you and your family a safe, fun and heartwarming Thanksgiving.

And, for those of you waiting for me to drop something funny in here (hey, if you saw my Halloween video, you know!)... well, here it is. If you remember the TV sitcom called WKRP in Cincinnati, you may remember Les Nessman's famous reporting of "Turkey Drop on the show:

Happy Thanksgiving!
Scott Andrews & the team at AspireNow

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What Men Want

What Do Men Want From Women?

This is a popular article at AspireNow that provokes a lot of questions. Women have been trying to answer this question for ages, and shelves of self-help books try to resolve the differences between men and women by considering we're from different planets.

A recent poll said that the average person is willing to spend 6 months' salary to find their true love.

Many women ask the question "What do men want?" to their women friends and sometimes they'll ask their guy friends. If women would approach men with a few simple, effective guidelines, they'll be much more likely to get exactly what they want from men: a fulfilling, healthy, happy relationship.

Here are the guidelines to understand what men want:

1. Men want a fun and exciting (female) companion.
2. Men want great sex (consistent, frequent, and passionate lovemaking score high with men).
3. Men want to share meals with their woman companion (especially when she cooks for him).
4. Men want you to support them in their work and boost their confidence.
5. Men want you to look great, keep in shape, and express confidence about your body.
6. Men want you to listen to them and treat them with respect.
7. Men need private time, to unwind, to engage in sports and hobbies, and to spend time with other men.

For the detail on these tips, as well as further information about what men want, visit the top-rated article at AspireNow:

An update: Even though I wrote this article 7 years ago, I'm finding that in my discussions with men, it's still pretty simple. Men want love as much as women, we just go about it a bit differently. You'll notice that guys will talk side by side, where a woman wants the man directly in front of her. There are subtle differences like this that make a man different than a woman.

As much as society is more supportive of women, men struggle with the modern woman. The reason for this is that the man still feels a need to provide. He still wants to hunt and kill, but in modern civilization this is simply not what's going on. We're in the information age: an age that women can thrive in. So, women need to recognize this and boost the man for what he can bring, and still ask him to do things, physically, for her -- even if she IS capable of doing it herself. A smart woman let's him do this for her, to some extent. A smart woman keeps herself in shape.

This is important to both sexes, but even more for a man. A smart woman will make trade-offs and compromise on activities to sometimes do what he wants, other times what she wants.
It's cool to go shopping if I know we might watch a football game together afterwards. It's fun to go dancing if I know you'll also come to my gig. See, those are examples from my own life.

A smart woman will make meals together a priority. Time together, in general, is critical to any relationship, but, especially meal time. I believe that the family that prays together stays together. The easiest time to pray together is before a meal, during grace. So, I make that a habit. It's just a heatlhy way to connect spiritually. A smart woman will keep the sex alive by trying new and fun things, suggesting things to him, and teasing him from time to time. Why is Playboy and Penthouse still the top two men's magazines, while Ladies Home Journal and Better Homes and Garden the top two women's magazines? Clearly, men are turned on by sex, women by homes. So, create a nice home for him, cook a nice meal, but then turn it on in the bedroom. Sometimes, I think it's fun to cook for her, especially if I know she's going to be cooking later. :)

Do you want to know more about what men want? Learn more at - see Smooth Sailing for our relationship articles.

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Find The Man Of Your Dreams
Why 'The Terminator' Is Deadly In Relationships

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tips on The Big Idea

Joe Vitale was interviewed tonight on The Big Idea, my favorite TV show.

For those who don't know, Joe Vitale was one of the stars of the hit video called The Secret. I've covered this video in depth before at my articles: The Most Powerful Law In The Universe and The Law of Attraction.

Anyway, Joe shared several "millionaire secrets" with Donny Deutsch, the host of the show. I liked Joe Vitale's points, but wished he had more time to elaborate. So, I'm going to run through each of his points, then provide further commentary for those of you seeking to learn more about manifesting, the law of attraction, getting what you want, and attracting the things you seek for a better life:

1. Know what you don't want. I found it interesting the Joe started with this. But, in my coaching, I've often found that when I ask people their purpose, they'll start listing off what they don't want. It is useful as a starting place, but you must recognize that you'll need to SHIFT from this VERY quickly to the other points on this list.

2. State your intention. This is important. It is vital to know what you DO want, and to state it as an intention. Many people complain about things and then wonder why they get more of that. Try the challenge to stop complaining for 30 days! If you can rid your complaining about aches, failures, pains, loss, blocks, and other things, you just might stop attracting that in your life. Instead of talking about those things, SHIFT to WHAT YOU WANT MOST. This is where life transformation occurs!

3. Get clear. It is vital to find ways to get clear on your intentions and eliminate anything in the way of what you want most.

4. Nevelize. I didn't understand this word, but I did understand what Joe was talking about regarding internalizing your dream into present reality. The importance here is to FEEL the process of your intention. Note, I said process, not result. Manifesting is about the process as much as the result, and the feeling is what we feel in the process. Writing down your intentions, creating a journal, a collage, a video, an audio, and making sure to associate the moment of what you want with how it feels to experience that. He mentioned how it feels to be on The Big Idea and smiled. I liked that and could relate. I immediately imaged how it would feel to sit across from Donny and share my own ideas about collaboration, software, helping people launch dreams, and make a difference (yeah, it felt great!!). This is an important step in manifesting that many people (especially skeptics) hardly ever take into account. How will you feel when you experience your intention? Write, record, imagine, think, and speak from this position.

5. Let go and take INSPIRED ACTION. This is where passion comes into play. People who are most successful are usually those who are most passionate about their dreams. Have you noticed this? It is for this reason that everything I do, I try to do with passion. If you act from inspired action, your actions will have more power.

These are all steps I've put in place at both AspireNow ( and ARRiiVE Business Solutions ( In fact, if you visit my blogs to those pages that I'm recommending and using these with the blogs, too.

Donny then asked Joe a few questions, having to do with "what if 'yeah, I heard all that, but I still haven't made it, or I'm struggling with my dream, or I'm doing things but it still isn't happening.' What do you say to those people?"

Joe accurately pointed out that what Donny was describing a problem with step 3 - getting clear. This is the biggest thing I've noticed with people in my life and business coaching: people block themselves! It is this inner critic (or even the critic from other people) that blocks the intention! Joe's advice was to DUMP the garbage and get clear. I loved it. How true that all of the critiques and naysayers - whether internal or external - are just garbage.

When we dump the garbage, we can get that positive feeling back that rejuvenates our soul! When we are clear of the junk blocking us we can manifest our dreams because we can truly act from inspired passion.

So, try these tips in your own daily life to manifest more of what you want. If you're finding your critic sneaking in - dump it! You don't want that, right? Get clear, restate your intention, feel how it feels to realize your dream, then let go and take the inspired action that will make it so!

Check it out: If you're seeking to learn more about The Secret, you might want to visit my article on The Most Powerful Law In The Universe and The Law of Attraction. I've also published products for helping people with their PURPOSE and GETTING WHAT YOU WANT called The Transformation Power Pack.


This article is written by Scott Andrews, Founder of AspireNow. Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. Portions of this article may be copyright Joe Vitale, the producers of The Secret, and The Big Idea by CNBC. No infringement intended.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

More Love In Relationships

I just read 9 tips to building more love in relationships, by Todd Goldfarb over at a We The Change (, who suggested I post it at AspireNow under my Smooth Sailing or "We Need More Love" column. I liked his tips, so here they are:

"There are always going to be people in our lives that we do not “vibe” with. Unfortunately, sometimes our situations dictate that we spend a lot of time with these individuals (i.e. a boss, sister-in-law, or co-worker), and it is imperative to learn how to best deal with it!

Here are 9 of the most effective techniques you can implement to begin seeing these people in a different light. Try a few of these exercises out over the next few weeks and I can almost guarantee you will notice an improved outlook:

1. Commit to LISTENING For One Full Day

2. Giving Up Being “Right” Even When You KNOW You Are Right

3. Sing Their Praises to Others

4. Ask Them For Help

5. Give and Expect Nothing in Return

6. Be Completely Honest With Them

7. Focus Your Attention on the Positive Attributes of the Relationship

8. Make a Journal Entry As If You Were Them

9. Sleep on It

Employing these 9 activities can improve almost any relationship you are in. Try them out, you will see results almost immediately! For the full article, click here.

These tips are Copyright 2007 by All rights reserved. Build more love in relationships in your life at

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Friday, November 16, 2007

ARRiiVE: The Right Place At The Right Time

Ever wonder why some people appear lucky? From finding love, to launching a business, to picking the right stocks, are their ways to improve our timing? Let's explore the idea of timing, and how to better maximize our time AND our luck.

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The Right Place At The Right Time

Have you ever heard about that Chinese guy, Tai Ming?

How many times have you seen people say the secret to their success was TIMING?

Or, in love, that the TIMING was just right?

Or, with their business launch, that they were IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME?

Clearly, TIME is a factor that determines, at the least, an influence upon our success with life, love, money, and more.

For example, if you had invested ONE MILLION DOLLARS in the NASDAQ on March 29, 2000, you would have essentially put your money into a market at it's peak of over 20 years.

If that was all the money to your name, you would have been considerably poorer, had you left that money in the top technology stocks on the Nasdaq in March 29, 2000 until today. In fact, depending upon the stocks you invested in, you might have roughly 1/10 the money, now, that you had on that fateful day. In essence, it might take you 20 years to recoup the losses you'd face over the next three years. What would you attribute the loss to? Timing.

Another example: a single man meets a single woman. She is on a train heading the opposite direction from him. They talk on the train for 20 minutes. During that time, they form a connection, and decide to spend the evening in Austria. They end up spending an entire day together, and see jugglers, an accordian player, a poet, enter several bars, dine at a dinner, make love in a park, and experience life through each other's eyes. Their conversation changes their lives, forever. This story is the story of two people, as described in one of my favorite movies, Before Sunrise. They agree to meet again, back at the same train station in six months. The subsequent story that unfolds in the next movie is also due to circumstance, and, also timing.

TIME is the one condition that seems to bind us to the HUMAN experience.

If you took away time, you more than likely take away LIFE as we know it. Clearly, time is important. We run our alarm clocks based upon time to determine the moment we awake in the morning. We have a schedule, from school, to work, to the television, to many aspects within our lives, based upon TIME.

It can be frustrating, to have a dream, and to have taken so many steps towards the dream, only to have to wait until the TIME is RIGHT for our ideas to germinate and people to accept them, buy them, and spread the word. Some people give up, just before this time occurs.

What can we do about time?

Are there ways to speed up time?

Are there ways to cut corners with time and get more done in less time?

I'll offer five ways I've learned to maximize time, to the best of my ability:

1. Be an early riser. Some people claim they get more done, in less time, by rising earlier. They avoid distractions, interruptions, and think most clearly when they awake in the morning.

2. Be a night owl. There is probably an equal number of people who are not early risers, but rather late-to-bed. These people may also get more done because there are fewer distractions late at night. In addition, there are more quiet hours late night than at any other time of day.

3. Don't wait behind lines. If you can avoid lines, you will save time. I'm not advocating cutting in front of other people, out of rudeness. I'm simply saying that if you are approaching a stop light in your car, and there are 10 cars in one lane and 3 cars in the other, you will likely save time by switching to the lane with 3 cars. Or, at the grocery market, you may see a line with two big carts full of food, or two people with nothing more than milk and water in their hands. Who is going to check out first? Clearly, the lane with only a couple of items ought to be through the check out the quickest.

4. Avoid commutes. If you live close to where you work or go to school, you can reduce the time lost in the commute. I've heard people say "I can live in a bigger house if I buy my home an hour away from the city where I work." That may be true. I'd rather live in the smaller house and save the two hours. Those two hours represent time I can spend developing other products, services, and business ideas, or they could represent time spent with those I love the most.

5. Focus on trends. Amazingly enough, if someone had spotted search engines as a trend, and bought and held ONLY those who performed well, this investor would have made a killing on looksmart, yahoo, infoseek, and others. I know, because for a time, I accomplished this.

Another way to spot a trend is to look at the background of the Cabinet of elected officials when they take office. For example, had people bothered to look at the background of people behind George H. W. Bush, they could have easily predicted the background of people behind George W. Bush. People like Dick Cheney, and the like, had worked for Halliburton. You could have reviewed what these companies did, then invested in them. For example, Bush is big on oil and the military. Bush, as VP, President, and also Bush II have both built up the military. Many of Bush's cabinet members had backgrounds in Defense and with the military. So, it would only make sense that you might have considered investing in military-related companies once Bush took office.

Another trend is to spot when major wars break out, you can find some things that will go up in value. For example, Gold almost always goes up during times of war. I predicted, in 2001, that Gold would go over 500, and possibly much higher. As of the date of this post Gold is trading over $780 per ounce. At the time of my first prediction, I had several people tell me I was crazy and that Gold was already "high" by standards at that time. Well, time proved me right. But I knew Gold would likely increase, because we were entering into war.

Oil is a form of black gold. So, if Gold will go up, so, too, might oil. They are not mutually bound, but often oil prices will increase during war, too. The price ber barrel of oil has increased dramatically, from around $20 to up over $80 now.

These are good investments, if you can predict, in advance, that they are likely to occur. Another prediction I made was the housing market would increase as long as interest rates went down or held a low. And, that was true, too. I predicted that the housing market (at least in the US) would crash once the rates increased, and certainly if the rate went above 10%. The coming housing crash has already diminished values of homes in the Midwest by up to 50%, and in places like the SF Bay Area, by 15%. I feel that the worst is yet to come with housing, as rates are STILL quite low, comparing to rates from previous years decades ago.

What I'm trying to illuminate is the fact that you can CREATE your luck by knowing how to be in the right place at the right time.

If you know that a development is occuring, or a spurt of growth is occuring, you can target that growth. For example, my fellow salespeople called me "lucky" when I worked at D1, and later, at Data General. Why? Because deals would seemingly plop into my lap at the most opportune times. But, to me, although it would sometimes SEEM lucky, it wasn't really that lucky, at all. I just have the knack of knowing how to be in the right place at the right time. With the dot-com movement, I spotted the trend towards infrastructure, as with any boom it is the companies providing infrastructure that often succeed the most. Even Google, as a search engine, is a form of internet infrastructure. I also targeted firms like Brocade, Gadzooks, and Copper Mountain during that era, and found success with those firms.

You CAN build your luck, by spotting trends, and then moving to secure your own piece of the action within those trend areas.

I believe that my company ARRiiVE Business Solutions ( is also in the right place at the right time, because ARRiiVE is targeting collaboration software at a time when businesses are struggling with the mountain of electronic information massing online. It is becoming more and more difficult to build teams, and CEOs will admit that they can't be the source of all original and innovative ideas: they need help!

If you're seeking a Big Idea to help you get in the right place at the right time, look to see a hole, something someone else isn't providing, and provide that (as long as you're passionate about it). An example of this is G-diaper: the GREEN diaper company. What a great idea! How many diapers are building waste on a daily basis? Billions! G-diaper is the first company I learned of who was figuring out how to offer biodegradable diapers to help de-clog our congested landfills. They're now making millions and I predict even greater success for this small company.

To recap, if you want to create your own luck, and maximize your time, try these tips:

  1. Be either an early riser or a night owl. The extra hours you gain during quiet time (either morning or late at night) will be highly valuable to you in building your success.
  2. Avoid waiting in lines. Lines suck up your time.
  3. Avoid commutes. If you can avoid your commute, you may gain one to two hours a day. This tip could be worth THOUSANDS over one year, and over a MILLION over your lifetime.
  4. Focus on trends. Watch the backgrounds of parties who take office (in major countries). Pay attention to emerging trends. If you hear people say "this is the next big thing" do a little research.
I'll never forget when I was out to lunch and overheard two well-dressed business women talking about their latest "stock finds" and mentioned Infoseek and Excite.

Keep in mind that this was back in the golden years of SEO :, Altavista, Excite, HotBot, Lycos and Yahoo were the more popular search engines on the market. These sites determined the Web 1.0 success of a website, prior to the dominance of Google. Well, in hearing about Infoseek and Excite, I went back to my office, did a little research, and after reading a Bottom Line recommendation on these sites, too, I figured it was worth a shot. I bought shares of those stocks. My initial investment in Infoseek and Excite grew over 5x over the next 2 years. Not bad growth, by any measure.

Another way to spot a trend is when people build up infrastructure to support something. For example, the trend SEEMED to be long-distance companies, when they put down all the pipes for Fiber Optic technology. However, they overbuilt. This opened the door for India, though. A wise investor, in spotting the early trend in outsourcing call centers and programming to India, might have invested a little money in those firms.

With love, it's often the same thing. Put yourself in places where people are HAPPY and living their best life. That may be school, work, church, and non-profit organizations. Join a cause you care about. Then go out to coffee or tea with those you meet. You just might find love.

Some people stay at home, watching television, killing hours of valuable time. Then, they wonder why they can't launch their business dream, or why they aren't meeting anyone.

See, with timing, we can create a more successful life, and maximize the time we have. It just depends on how aware we are with the time we've got.


This article is written by Scott Andrews, Founder of AspireNow. Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

What To Do About PMS?

PMS Survival Tips:

PMS is a challenge for many women. Surviving a woman's PMS is a challenge for many men. When a woman has PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), a man often tries to wrestle with what to do about this phenomenon with the women we love: how can we still love this woman when she suddenly asks strange questions or behaves in ways that don't run logically with other times?

Women, on the other hand, are coping with PMS symptoms that often make it difficult to feel happy or normal.

According to Dr. Marilyn Glenville:
What are the symptoms of PMS?

"This is where a lot of confusion has arisen because over 150 symptoms can be classed as PMS. These can include:

Mood swings Irritability
Anxiety and tension
Breast tenderness and swelling
Water retention
Acne Tiredness
Weight gain
Crying Spells
Sugar and food cravings

Quite a list! Personality changes associated with this time can be very severe with some women describing a Jekyll and Hyde change where they literally become a different person pre-menstrually." Dr. Glenville goes on in her website to discuss the difference between anxiety, craving, hypdration, and depression symptoms. I'll keep it a little more basic, here, and deal more with how we RELATE to each other during times of PMS.

If your woman starts asking questions like:

Do you still love me?
Does this dress make my butt look fat?
Did you take out the trash this morning like I asked you (when you know it's not even trash day)?

Or, perhaps she demonstrates a sudden burst of anger that defies logic. Well, guys, consider your responses carefully. I saw a film doing a parody on PMS and one comment they used to sum up the feelings a woman experiences during PMS as "somewhere between Christmas and being BURIED ALIVE!" So, perhaps, it might help to have a sense of humor about the matter.

This video, albeit from a male perspective, offers some amusing tips to PMS (complete with a new definition for the acronym!

When your woman says "honey, do I look fat?" Don't answer "YES" because the question is a trick question! Instead, do like the guy does in this video:

Honey, may I draw a hot bath for you... with your favorite bubbles? Because, I really love you, and thought you might appreciate it. B-I-N-G-O! Ha!

Now, say, he had said, "yes, you look fat." Then what?

Well, he had better be prepared to run before the next available object (near her) finds its way to the back of his head!

But, then, being a guy, I couldn't help but think of the classic ways to better manage the physical challenges of PMS and perhaps finding ways to MINIMIZE it. These are not things you can suggest to a women DURING her PMS cycle. However, they might be useful later. And, for women, these might be ways you can minimize the crying meltdowns or episodes of unexplained anger or frustration.

Women, do you have PMS? Well, maybe this is one you can forward to the man in your life. We all can use a little more understanding to help each other build more love. Beyond that, maybe these tips (not from me, but from doctors and other women) can help minimize this troublesome period each month.

Solutions for women:

1. Get medication. For heaven's sake, how can you expect the rest of the world to "just deal with it" when it isn't anything logical or expected! There's a lot of good medication out there to help minimize and balance hormones. Just be aware of the side effects and seek medical advice, of course. Caution: I'm not giving medical advice here. Before taking any drug, talk to a licensed practitioner about what is best for you.

2. Try herbs. Sometimes, it can be better to take herbs than a drug. However, with any herb or drug, these can produce certain side affects. Make sure you talk with a licensed practitioner who specialized in herb treatments, and also be careful if you're taking the pill or other supplements/drugs that might interact with the herb. Again, I'm not dispensing medical information and I strongly recommend that you begin any herbal or medical treatments under the care of a licensed doctor or specialist.

3. Vitamins. Again, my caution/disclaimer applies, but according to Dr. Glenville, the following vitamins have been found useful:

Multivitamin, especially B6 (B6 in the form of pyridoxal-5-phosphate - can help with moods and balancing chemicals in your body, E (balances moods and helps with breast symptoms), Magnesium (reduces tension, anxiety, and migranes), and "A number of studies have shown that evening primrose oil (EPO) is effective in reducing the symptoms of PMS and especially helpful to women whose main pre-menstrual symptoms is breast tenderness or fibrocystic breast disease." There are some other tests at this site which could be useful for diagnosis and treatment of symptoms.

4. If you find the urge to yell at someone for something, refrain. Remember, you might have something going on to justify feeling angry or hurt, but that may be magnified by your symptoms of PMS. If that is the case, why say something now that you'll regret later. Apologies only go so far and I've never been one to agree with the concept that [PMS = Get Out Of Jail Free card]. I know, it seems like it ought to be, though.

Maybe a better idea is to EXERCISE whenever you feel like yelling or crying. Sometimes, we can work out our emotions by physically moving our body. And I'm not talking about taking a swing at the man standing closest to you, either!

5. Do NOTHING different. That's right, just go on being mean, emo, and bitchy. There, I said it. Does that give you permission to be mean? Is that better?

I really don't know. I'm not sure it will make the people AROUND YOU like you any better, though!

6. Write the author of this article a flame message. If it really helps, write me hate mail. If it saves the man in your life the abuse, I can take it. Better yet, why not just write it, then delete it! Once you get it out of your system, it will probably be easier to go on with life. That's my rule of thumb: write it out, then save it to the draft folder. Two days later read it again. If anything is negative in there, delete it! I had to learn this one the hard way, unfortunately.

7. Improve your diet. Besides herbs, drugs, or vitamins, there are other dietary steps you can take to remain balanced.

8. Retreat a little from society. If you know you experience particularly difficult PMS, you might want to keep your calendar and block these days off and put your PEAK PERFORMANCE on other days. After all, if you know you get migraines during PMS, why schedule that big presentation during this day. Or, why make this the day of the big party. It's like putting an elephant in the room before the party ever happens. And, if you've ever seen the movie with Peter Sellers called, "The Party" you'll know that elephants at parties create one wild party.

Hmm. I could go on, but I think I've covered enough for now. If you're still struggling, seek professional help!

Okay, I can't just talk to women. If would be unfair, right? Surely, there's more than one man who will read this article. Just so you know I've got ideas for you, too, men. Guys, check this list out!

Solutions for men:

1. Relate to her.

Besides taking Monthly Man, what can you do to help relate to a surge of hormones rushing through your body every 28 days? Well, you certainly can't TALK about it. Yes, this is a no-no. All you can do is act in ways that show you understand. Yeah... I know... easy... (er, not)... I was tempted to just put a blank in this section. There aren't any EASY solutions!

2. Mark your calendar! In some cases, it is better to just be gone during this time. If you're dating, this is easier to arrange than if you live together. This is often why a man will create his own little kingdom out "in the garage". It's a place to escape during, eh, certain times of the month. ;)

3. Be aware of changes in behavior. If you live with or are around a woman who experiences strong PMS cycles, take note, and stay on-guard in future months. If you've been attacked once, or if you've experienced unusually high emotional swings, this might be something to look out for in, eh, 28 days. Just a word of caution, guys.

4. Make sure your woman eats regularly (balanced sugar levels help) or make sure she gets an extra dose of chocolate during this time! I've noticed that I am also affected by sugar levels. It is important to eat regularly, eat healthy, and exercise regularly no matter what our gender.

5. Don't initiate sex. Come on. Get a clue. Why do you think this is an issue with women, guys? If a woman's body is going through a rash of hormone changes (as in flushing out), she is likely not feeling as good as normal. Let her initiate during this time. It's just a wise idea. Then again, I have a friend who is a bit chauvenistic who thinks he should just "take" his woman and she'll thank him later. Apparently she says sex makes her PMS symptoms diminish. Every woman is different, no? Well, I can't recommend this, for obvious reasons. Just learn what works best in your relationship and be respectful of each other's wants and needs.

6. Rather than telling her she looks tired, tell her she is still as pretty as the day you met her. Oops, I might have just recommended you lie to her. But, guys, the truth is, sometimes a lie will help soothe strange emotion better than logic. Better than a lie is this: let her know she is SPECIAL to you. That's really what she wants to know the most, anyway. Be smart, treat her special - whether during PMS or not!

7. Offer to do something nice for her. Not what YOU would normally think is nice for her, but what SHE would normally think is nice for her. Examples include picking up your things around the house. Pampering her a little (like drawing a bath). Cooking the meal. Doing the dishes. All of that type of stuff might help you during these days her "friend" is coming to visit.

8. Give her a gift. Remember the expression "diamonds are a girls best friend"? Actually, most gifts of jewelry, perfume, lotions (ooh, you can even add a massage with the lotion), and more show her you still love her. Rather than answer that question with words, answer it with a gift. Hey, if it works at other times, it might work now, too. Just don't be surprised if she criticizes the gift is she doesn't like it!

9. Don't make excuses for things. Don't go around like a pansy saying "I'm sorry" for everything. Just say this: "You're right. I'm wrong." Nothing else you say is likely to matter at this time. If nothing else helps, well, THEN say "I'm sorry!" (Saying this once, used last, can be effective.)

9. Don't ask if she is on PMS (or on anything ELSE). And, whatever you do, do NOT mention any word that might pop up in a thesaurus as related to CLOTH (hint: GAR spelled backwards)! If someone is having an anger episode, you're probably not going to find THIS the best time to suggest anger management. You know what I mean?

As with most of my articles, I'll remind you that love is an action word, as much as a doing word. So, act smart. Act loving. And if all else fails, RUN!

I wish I had all the answers on this one. Truth is, like most men, I don't. And for double-jeopardy PMS (PMS in lesbian couples), ladies, you're on your own on that one!


Note: I know I took a humourous look at this subject. But, in all seriousness, if PMS is causing serious havoc in your life, please seek out medical help from a qualified specialist. Why put yourself through monthly torture? Why put those around you through mood swings? Life can be better! As with all of our articles, our focus is on helping people love more. Love is always the answer.


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Disclaimer: The contents of this site are for information only and are intended to assist readers in identifying symptoms and conditions they may be experiencing. This site is not intended to be a substitute for taking proper medical advice and should not be relied upon in this way. Always consult a qualified doctor or health practitioner, especially if you are pregnant, taking the pill or on any medication. Your situation will need to be looked at individually and you should not attempt to self treat. The author and publisher cannot accept responsibility for illness arising out of the failure to seek medical advice from a doctor.

The views expressed by third parties placing material on these pages are not representative of the views of the author or publisher. The Author and Publisher cannot monitor the content not produced by us and has not reviewed all the third party material published on this site and the Author and Publisher accept no liability whatsoever in relation to the content of third party material placed on these pages.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

31 Fun Dating Ideas

Ever get stumped with "Honey, what do you want to do tonight?" when you're planning on a night out with your partner or a new date?

Whether you're a couple of single looking for fun dating ideas, this article may be handy for you. I've put together a list of 31 Fun Dating Ideas that will make it easier for you the next time you're stumped and trying to find something enjoyable to do. Some of these will be expensive, others will cost you hardly anything. But the main focus, from my perspective, was to make sure they sounded FUN.

Here's the initial list.

31 Fun Dating Ideas:

  1. Walk on the beach. When polled as to their favorite and most romantic first date, a vast majority of people said a walk on the beach. This is great if you live NEAR a beach. If you don't, consider a walk in the park, a walk by a stream or lake, or other romantic water setting that enables you to get exercise in nature, along with a chance to get to know each other better. Popularity: 10. Fun Factor: 8. Cost: free. The expanded version of this is to take a portable fire pit and roast marshmallows around the fire after you watch the sunset over a glass of wine. That's a little more elaborate but adds to the fun factor if you have the time.

  2. Cup 'o Joe. This may not seem like a date to some people, but sometimes, if you only have 30 - 60 minutes, a brief meeting over coffee, tea, or other beverage in a nice coffee house can be a nice setting where you can better get to know each other and determine what you have in common. For couples who've been together for a while, a cup of coffee gives you a chance to reconnect. Popularity: 9. Fun Factor: 3. Cost: less than $10

  3. Cozy up to a fire. Nothing like snuggling up in front of a fireplace with a glass of wine together. Watch the sparks and share stories from fireside sessions before. Popularity: 6. Fun Factor: 7. Cost: Free (or a bundle of wood and some matches).

  4. Comedy club. While it costs a little to go out to a comedy club, laughing together at silly or funny comedians is always a fun date. Popularity: 9. Fun Factor: 9. Cost: $30 - 50.

  5. Be a tourist in your old home town. I did this last summer on a vacation back to San Francisco. My girlfriend and I took turns taking pictures of all sorts in popular spots, like museums, restaurants, and other landmarks. The whole idea was to pretend we were a tourist and capture "moments" from our vacation on film. I've never had so much fun taking pictures, and our photos from that trip are still my favorite. This is more fun if you're in a larger city than a small town, but you can find "spots" for photos in either. Popularity: 9. Fun Factor: 9. Cost: a couple rolls of film (or free if you've gone digital)

  6. Treasure Hunt. This requires some advanced planning. But, if you have a little money, and a day of time for preparation, you can have a ton of fun taking photos of your partner as they "discover" all the clues you've left them. It can be as simple as a backyard hunt or as elaborate as cross-town clue-chasing. It's all up to you. Popularity: 9/5 (it takes work and imagination on one party to entertain the other one) Fun Factor: 9/5. Cost: Varies.

  7. Finger Painting. I know, it sounds juvenile. I got this idea when a friend of mine hosted a "bring your own spray paint" party at his art gallery. At the part, he left out his acrylic paints and a huge canvas. See this, I started to work on my own masterpiece. I noticed this was fun as a group activity, too. I hadn't painted since Junior High, so it was a blast for me! Acrylics can be expensive, so you might want to start with finger paints. And who knows? If all goes well, you may soon be getting creative with your own engagement rings and create rings as unique as your bond. Popularity: 7 (some dig, some don't). Fun Factor: 7. Cost: $25 - 30.

  8. Board Games. In the early years of dating my ex-wife, my sister and her husband used to get together with us and we'd play card games or pictionary. It's a lot more fun if your partner can draw or guess what you drew. Popularity: 6. Fun Factor: 6. Cost: $20 (just for the first time you buy the game). After that, it's free!

  9. Virtual Reality Exploration. Try a go at SECOND LIFE. I found two new friends the first time I signed up, and one friend led me on a journey to find a coke machine (dispensed free coke to my avatar), a hover board, roller skates, and new dance moves. It made it more fun that just wandering around looking at billboards for clothing. Popularity: 6. Fun Factor: 5. Cost: Free if you own a modern computer and an Internet connection.

  10. Road Trip. The weekend road trips can be very fun. I love adventuring through nearby forests, finding streams and rivers, and then getting out of the car for a hike in nature. It's enjoyable, you learn from each other while on the road, and the only cost is the gas to get there. Popularity: 9. Fun Factor: 6 - 10 depending. Cost: Usually just gas.

  11. Shopping. Some guys hate this. But women usually enjoy it. Just make sure you set-up rules. Go to two stores that he chooses (can even be Home Depot) and two stores for her (can even be Victoria's Secret). I know, I just stereotyped, but, use your own judgement for your guidelines. Help each other buy things and pick out ideas for an "ideal house" or imagine you're dressing a mutual friend. That can get crazy! The key is to make sure it is fun for both of you. Popularity: 5/10. Fun Factor: 7. Cost: Varies.

  12. Go Dancing. Okay, it's easy to say "let's go dancing" but you'd be surprised how many local dance studios offer "drop-in" dance lessons. Always start with the basics, then work your way up if you enjoy it. I find Swing and Salsa both highly enjoyable. If your toes get a little bruised, find a video store that rents classic movies and pick up Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers in the classic, "Top Hat" which has terrific dancing to make up for your sore toes. Oh - and a toe massage may be in order. Popularity: 7. Fun Factor: 8. Cost: $10 per person typically.

  13. Backyard Camping. I've never done this, but I read about it. Some kids love it. Some adults enjoy it, too. Camping in your backyard to me sounds like an experience of dog-barking, slobber, ants, and lack of a view. If your own backyard offers a better experience, you might try it. Popularity: 5. Fun Factor: 5. Cost: Free if you own a tent. BETTER: REAL Camping. It requires going to a campground, but there's something to be said to get out of the typical routine of life and spend a couple of nights around a campfire under the stars. Keep the meals simple (or better yet, pre-cooked), pick some place closer to home, and it won't be as much work. Popularity: 8. Fun Factor: 8. Cost: $20 - 50 a night, in many campgrounds.

  14. Jam session. Try learning to play an instrument together. It helps if you have a "how-to" guide and a decent instrument. This one will be more popular with musicians than non-musicians, but it's fun for a while for more people. If you already own instruments, try switching off or learning a song or two together and pretend you're starting a band. Popularity: 6. Fun Factor: 7. Cost: Varies.

  15. Imaginary People. Go someplace new together and use different names, different occupations, and make up a story for your past. This can get interesting, as you'll find out how your partner weaves you into their imaginary story! I've seen this in two movies, and in both cases, it was pretty funny. The first was in Mad About You, where Paul and Jamie were on a cruise ship together. It helps if you're at a potluck, mixer, or other place where interaction is EXPECTED of you. Only problem: Paul picked a doctor (bad idea, think about it). The same thing happened in a movie with Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck in the movie, Forces of Nature. Popularity: 9. Fun Factor: 9. Cost: Free/depends on where you go.

  16. Art Museum. This might sound boring to some people, but I've always found art museums interesting. My brother, an artist, taught me a fun game you can play when viewing art. Pick your favorite piece in a room, then explain why it is your favorite, and how it moves you. You will find yourself challenges to explain and understand your feelings, as well as motivations for choosing each piece of art. Popularity: 6. Fun Factor: 6. Cost: $10 or less.

  17. Come Fly With Me! There are several versions of this date. One goofy one is fly rubber band airplanes in a park. Play songs about flying, like Red Hot Chili Peppers Aeroplane, or Frank Sinatra's "Come Fly With Me" while you're driving there. Make it a fun theme! I did this in high school and it was a blast. You can step it up from there, to flying a kite, or get even more intricate and fly a remote control airplane. Or, if you're the type who enjoys heights and a bit of a dare, try sky-diving or bungee-jumping together! Popularity: Varies. Fun Factor: 8. Cost: Varies.

  18. A Trip to the Zoo. I've taken someone to the zoo on a first date and it was a blast. You can enjoy looking at the animals and have fun playing with the different experiences. A zoo is fun at all ages. So, if you've missed out on the Zoo lately, check it out. An aquarium is also cool, if you have one close by (we're lucky to have the Monterey Aquarium in California). Popularity: 8. Fun Factor: 7. Cost: $20 - 40 per person.

  19. Meet Me At The Fair. I've always felt fairs are fun. Usually, I'll go once or twice a year to hear the live bands. Sometimes, the best bands are the bands playing at the side stages for free with entrance to the fair. I've seen Hank Ketchum, War, Ozomotli, and others this way. The fair is also fun because you have: the FERRIS WHEEL! Ha! You probably thought I was going to say THE ZIPPER, huh. Well, I puked on the zipper once, so it's off the list. But the rest of the fair can be a fun change of pace date - especially if you haven't been for a while. Popularity: 9. Fun Factor: 8. Cost $7 - 35 per person.

  20. Amusement Parks/Disneyland. Amusement parks are fun. I used to have a season pass to Great America when my girlfriend was this total daredevil. She loved roller coasters. So, even though I'm scared of heights, I'd conquer my fear every week and we'd jot over there after work, hit a few roller coasters, then go out to dinner at Gordon Biersch and listen to the live jazz bands. All in all, not a bad way to spend an evening with your honey. If you're close to Disneyland, that can be even more magical and fun. Popularity: 10. Fun Factor: 9. Cost: $50+ per person. Season passes help make it a lot less if you're close by.

  21. Test Drive Cars Together. Especially, new, sexy, sports cars. There's nothing more fun than the smell of a new car, and tooling around the curves of the local mountain road in a Boxster or Thunderbird convertible. I've made this a "fun date" on two different occasions and both times it inspired us to dress up (had to look the part of a buyer, at least), and then talk the salesperson into letting us drive off the lot with their cherry sporty car! How much fun is that?! Popularity: 8: Fun Factor: 7. Cost: Free! (Just maybe a little karma cost due to the white lie you're sure to tell!)

  22. Canoeing or Kayaking. If your date loves the water, take them out on a lake or the ocean for a little kayak or canoe trip. It's a lot of fun. Who knows, if you bring your fishin' line, you might even catch a trout or bass for dinner. Popularity: 6. Fun Factor: 6. Cost: $35 per person (unless you own your own canoe or kayak).

  23. Cooking A Special Meal Together. This particular date is a lot more fun if you try a NEW recipe together. Both of you pick out the ingredients, go shopping, then roll up your sleeves and get in the kitchen to show off your best gourmet skills. Popularity: 7. Fun Factor: 6. Cost: Varies. Benefit: you get to eat what you cook. If you're not up for the challenge of cooking, take a cooking class together. My experience with the last cooking class was I ate incredibly good food, watched how they cook, and ate more yummy food. It was rough, but someone had to do it. Popularity: 8. Fun Factor: 7. Cost: $50 per person.

  24. Tour New Homes. I love touring model homes. Why? Because you get all kinds of DESIGN IDEAS when you go around touring model homes. You find new patterns of furniture, drapery, kitchen stylings, carpet, moldings-- you name it. It's especially fun touring multi-million dollar homes and dreaming a little. For couples, this can serve two purposes, as if you think you might want to live together, you can learn about each other's likes and dislikes in a rather harmless way. Popularity: 8. Fun Factor: 7. Cost: Free.

  25. Go to a Professional Sports Game. Now, ladies, it's only fair. I've always said, "a wise man shops, a wise woman watches sports." There's a good reason for this: you balance each other and show you care about each other's interests/teams. Men bond a lot through sports. So, the woman who goes with him to professional sports events is showing she can be real and bond with him. I don't recommend this for a blind date, though (bad experience). Popularity: 9/6. Fun Factor: 9/6. Cost: $30 - 120 per person.

  26. Pool Sharks. I love shooting billiards. A lot of women are surprisingly poor at it, until you put something worthwhile on the game as "stakes" for winning or losing. Then, suddenly, she starts to make every shot. Uh huh. I thought so. Test your own ability for being a pool shark. Pretend you're meeting for a high-stakes tournament. Winner of the best of three gets to decide where you go and what you do next... Popularity: 7. Fun Factor: 7. Cost: $20 per person.

  27. Poetry Slam. There are several varieties of poetry slams. You could find a poetry "slam" or reading in your town, or take a trip out of town for one. Perhaps you both decide to participate and write your own poem prior to going. Dare each other to get up and read their poem at the slam. Gutsy, but fun! If you don't have the gumption to do the slam, you could always go to a bookstore and seek out your favorite poetry books and poems and share with each other over a cup of coffee. Popularity: 5. Fun Factor: 6. Cost: Free.

  28. Wine tasting/Pub crawl. If you live near vineyards, like I do, going wine tasting can be a ton of fun. You learn about the wine, and experience beautiful views at the vineyards. Bring along turkey sandwiches and yummy cheese and crackers and make a picnic out of it. I recommend stopping at two or three wineries unless you have a designated driver or limo to take you home! (Be safe!) If you do not live near a winery, try a pub crawl or beer tasting at the local microbrewery. Those can also be fun. Popularity: 6. Fun Factor: 7. Cost: $ varies.

  29. Get Vertigo. I'm watching Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo while I write this. So I just thought of this idea: Go to the TALLEST buildings in town, meet on the rooftops. It works great in a city like San Francisco, where you can share an appetizer of cheese plate at the Marriott, taxi across town, and watch the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge from the top of the Grand Hyatt while nursing a cocktail in the piano bar, then later kicking up your heels at either the Top of the Mark, or Harry Denton's Starlight room. Of course, Vertigo was set in San Francisco, so it could be a follow-up movie to watch later if you get dizzy! Popularity: 6. Fun Factor: 6. Cost: $50 or so per person.

  30. Miniature Golf or Bowling. These two sports are both fun for guys and girls. Men and women still have bowling leagues. I've always loved bowling. Miniature golf is frustrating. So, maybe try taking turns, or do both! It depends upon time, and how much fun you're having, of course. Popularity: 8. Fun Factor: 7. Cost: $10 - 20 per person.

  31. That's Amore! One of my favorite dates is to make spaghetti. This is a twist on 23, because in 23 you didn't know the recipe. In 31, you do. Of course, you have to be comfortable enough to bring your date over. So, use this with caution and common-sense, of course. While you're cooking play a little Louis Prima, Dean Martin, and classic Italian music. (I enjoy spicing it up and playing my sax, sometimes, too!) If spaghetti is too fancy, try Capellini, as Angel Hair pasta is pretty easy. My recipe calls for a few Sun Dried Tomatoes, a few rings of onion finely chopped, and two full cloves from a head of garlic cooked until medium brown in olive oil, then a 8 - 16 oz. of pre-sliced mushrooms, cook those while boiling your water for the noodles. Add sliced Roma tomatoes when the mushrooms are half done. Put the noodles in the water. Add the bread into the oven. You can either garlic/butter or oil up the bread, or dip it in olive oil with balsamic vinegar. Toss some heads of romaine with a few slices of tomato and a couple of onion rings (uncooked), mix in olive oil and balsamic in the salad to blend with the bread and the sauce mixture. Add fresh cut basil to the sauce mix while the tomatoes are still cooking. Grate the Parmesan cheese (yes, buy in solid form - it's always better than the Kraft carton type) while the sauce and noodle finish cooking. Remove the noodles al dente, strain water, then pour the sauce over the noodles. Take out the bread and serve as you like, and top both with a little cheese. Serve with a bottle of Chianti, Merlot, Pinot Noir, or Syrah, if you like to mix wine with your meals. Popularity: 8. Fun Factor: 8. Cost: $20 - 50, depending upon the cost of the wine, usually.

So, there they are. 31 fun dating ideas. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do. I can pretty much say that there isn't a dating idea here that I either haven't tried or wouldn't like to try again. But, we all have our favorites. What's the funnest date you've ever had? Care to share with us? We love to hear stories!

Have I missed your favorite date idea? Please share!

This article is written by Scott Andrews, Founder of AspireNow. Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.

You may republish this article only AS A COMPLETE WHOLE with ENTIRE LINKS and copyright messages attached. All rights reserved.

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