Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How To Discover Your Life Purpose

I recently read an article which stated you can discover your life purpose in less than 30 minutes. Is that true?

Yes - and no. For some people, who already know their purpose, but for some reason continually block their ability or willingness to LIVE their purpose, it really might be as easy as identifying the BLOCK to living your purpose, removing that, then go and live it.

For some people, this block is geographical in nature. In other words, if you just moved somewhere different, your purpose could flourish. Perhaps a change of locale would do you good. If you resonate with this, dig into it. However, be aware that every time you move you're basically looking at a 3-year reset in terms of your network, friends, social infrastructure, and more. It is costly to move - especially when you move to a different city more than a couple of hours away.

Other people block their purpose by living with the wrong person. If you're living with the wrong person, get out. Either that, or kick them out. The wrong person is usually someone who doesn't support your dreams. If the person you live with doesn't support your dreams, they're pulling you down. That won't fly if you're to live your HIGHEST purpose and FLY like an EAGLE, now will it?

The other way people block their purpose is to live in a routine that makes it impossible to manifest their dream. For example, they might work in a job that has them trapped away from what they need to be doing. Musicians and actors get trapped in this predicament quite often. This is the situation where chasing the almighty dollar (or whatever currency in your nation) becomes the focus, rather than doing what you love.

How To Discover Your Life Purpose:

You may have read "do what you love and the money will follow" and thought "Oh, so I just quit my job, go do my passion, and I'll get rich!" Well, guess what? That saying is WRONG! I know. I've done it. What the "experts" fail to tell you is that you can't just do what you love, you actually have to follow this formula:

1. Do what you love that people value the most.
2. Focus on providing the most of that value.
3. Remove blocks to your success.

You MUST eliminate time wasters - people, commutes, animals, video games, chatty phone calls, Internet surfing - whatever you do that causes you to waste time. Living your purpose may be challenging enough without putting thing in front of it that distract you.

Now, if you're still wondering exactly what your life purpose truly is, for you, I'll ask you the following question:

If you could do whatever it is that would make you most happy, where you are most loving, where you are providing the most value, and you're not limited by people, your gender, education, upbringing, society, or whatever else might stand in your way, what would it be?

If you can answer this question, you know your purpose. If you don't, well, then you might consider deeper investigation. I created a program for people who are struggling with this. It works. How do I know? I've used it myself. More than that, of everyone who has purchased it, the % of returns has been practically nil. That tells me it's working for people. It includes a CD, set of e-books, and additional bonus items.

You can get it here: Life Purpose Power Pack

If you don't want the whole CD and download package, and just want an easy to use, e-book download click here. Or you can start small and just get the 31 Success Tips e-book.

I have a lot of compassion for people discovering their purpose. It shows through my work. In fact, I prayed over it that it would impact your life to bring more love into your life, make you more successful, more happy, and able to love the life you live.

That's what AspireNow is about. It's what I'm about. If you resonate with that, please let me know! And, if you need personal help in discovering your purpose, contact me, as I can probably coach you through it in one or two sessions. I wish you success in living your dream life. Live like nobody told you, live the way you know you can, dance like noone is watching you, dance like a child. Life is what we make it. Make it what you want it to be in your grandest dreams.

This article is written by Scott Andrews, Founder of AspireNow. Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.

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T. Dorsey said...

You are SO right when you say you must remove blocks to your success to pursue your purpose. In order to remove the blocks you need tools. the tool could be meditation, journaling, therapy, yoga. Whatever tool one chooses it essential that you use it consistently.


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