Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tips on The Big Idea

Joe Vitale was interviewed tonight on The Big Idea, my favorite TV show.

For those who don't know, Joe Vitale was one of the stars of the hit video called The Secret. I've covered this video in depth before at my articles: The Most Powerful Law In The Universe and The Law of Attraction.

Anyway, Joe shared several "millionaire secrets" with Donny Deutsch, the host of the show. I liked Joe Vitale's points, but wished he had more time to elaborate. So, I'm going to run through each of his points, then provide further commentary for those of you seeking to learn more about manifesting, the law of attraction, getting what you want, and attracting the things you seek for a better life:

1. Know what you don't want. I found it interesting the Joe started with this. But, in my coaching, I've often found that when I ask people their purpose, they'll start listing off what they don't want. It is useful as a starting place, but you must recognize that you'll need to SHIFT from this VERY quickly to the other points on this list.

2. State your intention. This is important. It is vital to know what you DO want, and to state it as an intention. Many people complain about things and then wonder why they get more of that. Try the challenge to stop complaining for 30 days! If you can rid your complaining about aches, failures, pains, loss, blocks, and other things, you just might stop attracting that in your life. Instead of talking about those things, SHIFT to WHAT YOU WANT MOST. This is where life transformation occurs!

3. Get clear. It is vital to find ways to get clear on your intentions and eliminate anything in the way of what you want most.

4. Nevelize. I didn't understand this word, but I did understand what Joe was talking about regarding internalizing your dream into present reality. The importance here is to FEEL the process of your intention. Note, I said process, not result. Manifesting is about the process as much as the result, and the feeling is what we feel in the process. Writing down your intentions, creating a journal, a collage, a video, an audio, and making sure to associate the moment of what you want with how it feels to experience that. He mentioned how it feels to be on The Big Idea and smiled. I liked that and could relate. I immediately imaged how it would feel to sit across from Donny and share my own ideas about collaboration, software, helping people launch dreams, and make a difference (yeah, it felt great!!). This is an important step in manifesting that many people (especially skeptics) hardly ever take into account. How will you feel when you experience your intention? Write, record, imagine, think, and speak from this position.

5. Let go and take INSPIRED ACTION. This is where passion comes into play. People who are most successful are usually those who are most passionate about their dreams. Have you noticed this? It is for this reason that everything I do, I try to do with passion. If you act from inspired action, your actions will have more power.

These are all steps I've put in place at both AspireNow (http://www.aspirenow.com/) and ARRiiVE Business Solutions (http://www.arriive.com/). In fact, if you visit my blogs to those pages that I'm recommending and using these with the blogs, too.

Donny then asked Joe a few questions, having to do with "what if 'yeah, I heard all that, but I still haven't made it, or I'm struggling with my dream, or I'm doing things but it still isn't happening.' What do you say to those people?"

Joe accurately pointed out that what Donny was describing a problem with step 3 - getting clear. This is the biggest thing I've noticed with people in my life and business coaching: people block themselves! It is this inner critic (or even the critic from other people) that blocks the intention! Joe's advice was to DUMP the garbage and get clear. I loved it. How true that all of the critiques and naysayers - whether internal or external - are just garbage.

When we dump the garbage, we can get that positive feeling back that rejuvenates our soul! When we are clear of the junk blocking us we can manifest our dreams because we can truly act from inspired passion.

So, try these tips in your own daily life to manifest more of what you want. If you're finding your critic sneaking in - dump it! You don't want that, right? Get clear, restate your intention, feel how it feels to realize your dream, then let go and take the inspired action that will make it so!

Check it out: If you're seeking to learn more about The Secret, you might want to visit my article on The Most Powerful Law In The Universe and The Law of Attraction. I've also published products for helping people with their PURPOSE and GETTING WHAT YOU WANT called The Transformation Power Pack.


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