Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Law of Attraction

So many people seem interested in The Law of Attraction, ranging from the movie, The Secret, to so many self-help websites on the subject, that I felt I ought to clarify our position on The Law of Attraction and clarify some commonly misunderstood perceptions.

1. First, we will attract to us what we think about.

This is the crux of The Secret. What we focus on is what we give POWER to and what we ATTRACT.

2. Second, many people think that The Secret to The Law of Attraction is about The Secret To Abundance. Guess what? It isn't! You can attract a lot of crap in your life if all you think about is crap. I have someone in my family who likes to talk about bodily functions quite frequently, in an attempt to be funny. I told him that if he thinks about that so much, that's likely what he'll attract. So, if you want to be funny, fine. Find the irony, find the gross, find the disgusting! But I think you can be funny without all of those things, too. It's like the comedian, Bill Cosby, who said, "why are so many comedians using the F-word today? It isn't necessary to be funny." I think Bill Cosby would know: I saw him perform at the Mid-State Fair when I was a kid and I laughed so hard my eyes and stomach hurt!

3. We WILL manifest many of the things we seek. Some things may not be manifested, if they are out of integrity with the world around us. Meaning, we may seek to become President, but if we are not aligned with the powers that vote in president's, then we may not become President. The person understanding the truth in manifesting will focus on the things in integrity with their highest good. So, seek out your highest good, and you'll likely manifest your dreams.

There are programs you can utilize to further your development of The Secret, such as at this link: http://thesgrprogram.com/?a_aid=cd8d7809&a_bid=51580218. But for those of you going it on your own, I suggest that you try the following tips to manifest your dreams:

  • Focus on what you want, and only upon what you want.
  • Focus on what you love most when you set your intention.
  • Focus on what makes you happiest and most free when you set your intention.
  • Focus by writing down and drawing pictures of what you want to manifest.
  • Focus on your manifestation(s) goal for at least 21 straight days.
Set your goals as high as you need to, yet also set your goals clearly.
When you try these tactics, you'll find that you will often begin manifesting your dreams exponentially faster, with more gusto, and excitement than you've had in past efforts.

You can learn more about manifesting through http://www.AspireNow.com/elegant.htm and http://www.AspireNow.com/discovery.htm links. In addition, if you are launching a business, new product, new service, or other business venture, please visit http://www.ARRiiVE.com to learn ways to attract more customers, more cash, more quickly.


Dr. Joe Capista said...

Wonderful briefing of manifesting what you desire in life. Focus and be clear on setting your goals.

Bud Bilanich said...

I believe we attract those things about which we think. I am a big believe in the power of affirmations too.
I also think that too many people use the law of attraction as an excuse to not do the work they need in order to become successful.
I always tell my executive coaching clients that the "ask, believe, receive" formula is missing an important point. I amend it to "ask, believe, work your butt off, receive."
Good karma helps, but you have to do the work if you want to be successful.
Bud Bilanich
The Common Sense Guy

yanson21 said...

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