Friday, June 6, 2014

Cold Shower Challenge: Day 6, Discipline

I am still doing the Cold Shower Challenge!

I'd hoped to update you daily, but I'm afraid it looks like it will be a few days at a time! Yep, I'm that busy!

So, how am I doing with the 30-day Cold Shower Challenge?
Not bad. Day 3 was awful! It was soooo colllld! But when I got out of the shower I pumped my fist in the air - YES! I've got this. Each day since has been a little easier. Today, I actually ENJOYED IT.

I didn't expect this, but I'm starting to LIKE cold showers. The reason: they're totally REFRESHING.
You feel so much more rejuvenated than after a hot shower... you have to experience it to understand it.

Also, I appreciate the time I'm saving. I no longer take 15 - 20 minute showers.
One other health benefit - shinier hair and smoother skin. Yes, it's true.

In ancient history, soldiers poured buckets of cold water on their heads either for spiritual practice or for training - to toughen them up. I'm toughening up, and feeling more spiritually empowered, so maybe it is working.

This morning, I thought for a brief moment "you know, I could CHEAT, and nobody would know!" Here's where DISCIPLINE kicked in: BUT I WOULD KNOW. And this practice, in the end, is about a journey to inner self bad-ass empowerment. I removed my hand from the hot water and resisted the challenge. Then, suddenly, I found my body acclimating to the colder water, and it felt fine. Perhaps that was the lesson for today. Do what you know you must, and past the fear and pain of it is the satisfaction that you are doing the right thing.
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