Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 20 of the Cold Shower Challenge

The 30-Day Cold Shower Challenge UPDATE: Day 20

I have several things to share with you today regarding the Cold Shower Challenge. One of them is: the shower goes faster if you DON'T THINK ABOUT THE SHOWER. May seem simple, but when you put your thoughts on other things, you can forget where you are - even if it is uncomfortable. 

Another mind matter I've learned from the 30-Day Cold Shower Challenge is to focus on the OPPOSITE of what's making you uncomfortable. I remember learning this trick when I read about how Tony Robbins coaches people to do the "Fire Walk" - where they literally walk across about 20 feet of hot coals. He tells them before they walk to be sure they say to themselves "COOL MOSS" as they walk across the coals. By thinking COOL MOSS they are not focused on hot coals burning their feet, and in the majority of cases do not get burned from the fire walk. 

I decided to adopt a similar philosophy with the cold showers, but instead of cool moss, I use SAHARA DESERT. If you think about the Sahara Desert, you're most certainly not thinking COLD WATER. And if you are, the COLD WATER IS WELCOME. Changes the state of mind from "damn, this is colllldddd!" to "SAHARA DESERT" ahhh.. what an oasis of delight! 

So, here's a tip on overcoming an uncomfortable challenge: 
Reverse the challenge in your mind.

Sahara Desert: definitely not an image of COLD!

When you reverse the challenge in your mind, you both create adverse conditions that overcome the original challenge, and create an optimum outcome from the unpleasant to turn it into the PLEASANT. Believe it or not, I've actually started to ENJOY my COLD SHOWERS.

Health Benefit: Reduce stress by regulating your autonomic nervous system - See more at:

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