Friday, February 1, 2008

3 Keys To Success

How do we create more abundance and manifest our dreams?

Well, the simple answer is to follow the Universal Law of Attraction.
It's the focus of the movie "The Secret" put out by a group of Life Coaches.

So, what I'm saying is that there is a simple rule to the Law of Attraction?

It is simply this: whatever you give out, comes back to you threefold. This is called the rule of threes. That's why this article is called "3 Keys to Success" and it is a rule I use in my own business.

The reaction (benefit) we receive as a result of our ACTIONS is often in proportion to the Abundance Rule of 3's:

We receive what we give out THREEFOLD. So, by three keys to success, I mean that if you start thinking in threes you'll have more success. With design, you'll often see THREE objects, not one, not two, but three, all grouped together. They do this with art, objects, and other pieces quite frequently. It is visually more attractive, but also ties things together differently.

How do we know that the rule of threes works? I like three because there is always power in three. For example, if you are starting a fire, two logs are good, three logs are better. Try this next time you start a fire. Light one log alone with no other wood. You'll notice the fire will go out. Put two logs together and relight the fire. You'll see that they will light, and burn better, but still not burn completely. Then, add a third log and relight the fire. Now you'll have a decent fire going, one that will burn all the way, one that will burn hotter, and one that will offer heat.

This principle is also applied in Basketball theory. Phil Jackson, coach of the Chicago Bulls during Michael Jordan's dynasty and coach of the Los Angeles Lakers during the Shaq/Kobe dynasty, utilized an offense called "the Triangle" offense. The principle was to utilize the power of three and rotate the five players through the system in order to create more open shots. Apparently, it worked pretty well for Phil, as he won 6 championships during those years. He just finally got a team using the "Triangle" offense again, and, guess what, they're doing pretty good this year, too.

Now, regarding karma, or what we give, how does the rule of three apply?

What I am trying to get at is this: if we want to receive a lot, we must give something out first. I wrote a song about this called "Give Some to Get Some" ( where the lyric goes, "you got to give some, to get some, get somebody to love." However much we give out will dictate the returns we receive.

There's a catch to the rule of threes. We can't expect to receive "it" back from the person or thing we put our energy into. Yes, we'll get it back somewhere else. Perhaps in a way or form we never expected. I can say, for sure, that I have direct experience receiving back in 3's; however (see 6 steps to financial success for an example).

This is where the cliché "what goes around comes around" comes from. It's also the principle of the movie Pay It Forward.

I think today, I'm going to go give somewhere. And not expect it to come back. This thought process of giving is the thought process we want to have. To avoid taking others, or situations for granted. When we don't take others for granted, we can be grateful for when we really do receive the abundant returns.

A key is just to be happy and thankful for what we have, and our ability to love others, and let it simply be. And, utilize the 3 keys to success, by utilizing the abundance rule of threes.

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susanchap21 said...

I agree with you that we can never expect to get something back just because we give. A great book which incorporates the Law of Attraction which I just finished reading is Positive Energy. A positive mindset is a must! Thank you very much for your blog, it is very informative.

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