Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Totally Inappropriate Yoga Guy

Note: This post is for "mature" viewers, only.

Want to learn more about Gogi Berries, but more than that, have a laugh or two from this fun video poking a bit of fun at people in the healthy/world/YOGA lifestyle?

It's "Ogden, The Inappropriate Yoga Guy"!

Of course, in reality, yoga is becoming amazingly popular as a way to release toxins, stretch our body out, and improve our flexibility.

Note: although I shared this video, please know that I'm a proponent of the "yoga" lifestyle as it is wise to eat healthier, keep our bodies in shape, and have a spiritual discipline (as well as religion).

I'm personally involved with a group that promotes "dance" and "freedom of movement" that offers both a spiritual and physical experience, on top of being a dance and music experience. As a musician and a dancer, I can say there is benefit to checking out such movements, getting into it, and letting go of the worry of what people might think of us for getting "free" like that. I've found it often to be more spiritual than playing my sax in church or praying.

If you're ever on the Central Coast, check it out: this was a post from the November '07 session. We'll be there again, so tune in to the Yum Session email list (I can connect you with Philip if you're interested). Otherwise, check out your own home-town scene and discover the fun of music and movement.

So, have some fun, check out the scene, and get involved in healthier ways of living. Just be careful you do it appropriately!

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