Friday, February 22, 2008

Free Video IM For 6

You read that right. FREE video conferencing and IM sessions for up to 6 people... is now reality with OoVoo. As you know, ARRiiVE Business Solutions is always on the hunt for cool interactive ways to market a business and improve interaction. OoVoo appears to be a serious contender in this exciting conferencing category:

The idea of impromptu or scheduled video conferences, which could be used for training, online meetings, interaction amongst business teams in different locations, and more, has always appealed to me. With the cost of airfare, hotel rooms, and hassles of travel, why do face-to-face meetings would win over video has always come down to video being a 1-to-1 solution in the past. Not any more. Now, OoVoo offers 6-way video teleconferencing, at high quaility, low cost, and

The business implications are incredible:
* High Quality Video over fairly standard pipes for most PC systems
* Up to SIX people, that's right 6 of your business associates, all on one video call. Robin Good demonstrates it here:
* Free telephone and video conferencing. Yes, free telephone and free video. Get it while it lasts!
* Free find friend feature through most e-mail applications (except, ironically, Skype)
* Free video messaging. This is cool. I like the idea of a 1 minute video message to customers.
* Record video calls to create a memory or a video trail of a call.
* Text during video chat (I remember when Placeware used to offer this for $400/month per seat!)
* OoVoo Me Link (just like LinkedIn, etc.) add to your blog or MySpace page
* Sidebar view (continue working with your other stuff at the same time!)
* See the whole list here:

I'm sure it won't last forever, but just like Skype, free is good when it lasts.

OoVoo is not just for video conferencing. You can also leave a video message for your OoVoo social network:

Also, OoVoo is not just business:

Add video effects, host video and text chat rooms, send a 1 minute video love note... and more!

I truly dig the potential of this. Check out OoVoo's site and look at "the long tease" for one way this could be used by people on a personal level.

New Video Conferencing: Multi-Party, Affordable, Cross-Platform - The Video Conversation Starter Is Here - OoVoo.


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