Monday, March 3, 2008

I Am So Grateful!

Are you grateful?

We often take our life, our job, our vehicle, our health, our family, and our friends for granted.

I've done it myself. But this past Sunday, I experienced a nasty accident on the freeway after hydroplaning through a huge puddle on the freeway. The slippage sent my Toyota Tundra 4x4 spinning, then slamming into the divider embankment. After hitting the embankment, my truck then flipped at least once, maybe twice, and finally came to a rest on the driver's side. It was very strange to find myself sitting there with the engine still running, in a tremendous amount of pain on my left side from slamming into the seat belt door jamb upon both first and last impact.

Upon retrospect, I think I'm quite blessed. You see, my vehicle could have been hit while I was trying to get out of the truck. In addition, I could have been hurt far worse. That Tundra is one very safe truck, I can say now! I feel my truck saw me through this well. But, more than that, I had an Angel over my shoulder.

I am so grateful to be alive today! Considering the damage (over $17,000 - they totaled the truck) it could have turned out different:

Seven reasons I am grateful today:

First, I am grateful for each breath of life.

Second, I am grateful for all the beauty and amazing things in this world and universe.

Third, I am grateful for all of the love from my family and friends. Thank you...

Fourth, I am grateful for my health. This pain in my neck and shoulder is a reminder to always be grateful for good health.

Fifth, I am grateful for everyone I come into contact with - even those who challenge me. Each of you make my life more meaningful. I am grateful for all of the experiences we can share together. Laughter, walks in nature, making music with my saxophone, speaking about blogging or business, writing about ways to improve our life, or just sharing a meal together.

Sixth, I am grateful for the wheels that get me to work and get me places to go.

Last, I am grateful for God, the Spirit which flows through all things, and life itself.

It would have been strange to die... (I'm not finished yet!)

It would have been strange to die last week. I don't think I am ready. It isn't as if I am not right with my maker, or that I haven't lived a good life. Actually, I think I've lived quite well. The reason I say it would have been strange is that I feel I have SO MUCH MORE TO GIVE!

This accident was a blessing in disguise. It was a reminder to be grateful for friends, life, family, and all of my blessings. It was also a reminder to remain focused - or even focus more - on my purpose for being on this planet.

I am here to help advise people how to bring more love into their work, their life, and live their dreams. I am here to provide advice how to do that. If often comes with perspective, asking the right questions, and then going down the natural path that comes from the answers to those questions.

If you are not being grateful for your blessings, take it from me: gratitude is the right attitude!

Each day, we get a new sun, to greet with a smile - if we choose to:

It is our choice to choose an attitude of gratitude for life, for love, for all of the beauty and good things in the world.

If you are grateful, send me a comment and let me know why. Thanks for reading my words today. Please feel free to share them with your friends if you're touched by any of these stories.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here to share this with you!

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Jennifer Cannon said...

Scott...I am so glad you are ok. Thanks for helping me slow down and think about the small things in life and appreciate them more.

Your friend always...Jenn

Enigma said...

I am glad you are O.K, you are the 3rd one of my friends who has had an accident this week...weird.
And you are right, gratitude is the key..I,m greatful you are not badly injured.

Seriously Fun Self-help! said...

Our friendship, our love, the fun, the meaningful struggles overcome with joy in spite of challenges, and our memories together... these are the only things I think we really take with us.

I'm so grateful for these comments and the other emails I've received. You all R-O-C-K! :)


Shel Horowitz, author, Principled Profit said...

Scott, your attitude is *awesome*! So glad you're all right.

14 years ago, I fell asleep at the wheel and wiped out my car against a concrete barrier--the scary thing was it was half-way through a one-hour drive on a sunny afternoon. Amazingly, all four of our family walked away needing nothing more than chiropractic (and a ride home). So I can very much relate.

Anonymous said...

I know you blieve in karma, and karma was telling you to get a new truck.....

Good blog. We do all get caught up in the daily grind and forget about how quickly things can change.

Melissa says hi.


Seriously Fun Self-help! said...

Shel - wow. Nice to hear you had a similar experience.

Dick - great to hear from you, as always. Pls say "hi" to Melissa for me, too! OH- and you're right, it was time for a new truck!

F-dub said...

Yo- Good to hear you're alright. Life can throw some curve-balls every now and then.
Didn't that truck need some cosmetic work anyway? Now you don't have to deal with that!

Lookin at the brightside....


ken said...


Glad you got through this in one piece - thanks for sharing it

Best Regards


Michelle said...


Cars represent many things--one of which is how we get where we are going in life. After I totalled two cars in less than 9 months, it was beyond that I needed a new car, it to me, meant the DIVINE was speaking to me, the last message I received (after walking away unscathed!) was "Michelle, you are not in charge---get out of the drivers seat and let me take over."

That was a major shift for me.
It meant I was to surrender my will and my ideas about where I should be in life and give it all over to a higher power.

Maybe this is true for you or not, but it is important to ask
What could this mean?
What is my soul trying to show me in this situation?

In light,
Dr. Michelle
The Soul Coach

Seriously Fun Self-help! said...

Hi Michelle, Forrestt, Ken, and all others who've emailed me. It's so nice to know you care!!

I'm getting better - shoulder healing, and I already replaced my truck!

Thanks for your love, your concern, and also positive comments!

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