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How To Be Unique

What Makes You Unique?

What really makes you a unique person?

When you think of the simple fact that you're one of billions of human beings walking around on this Earth, consider asking yourself "What small details of your personality, your drive, your love of certain things (or discernment), your own gifts and talents, and other aspects of what defines "you" to the world, and what makes you unique?"

Are you stumped?

You may not be alone. It is sometimes difficult to dig into the crux of what defines us. However, this might be a time to look at what defines you and figure out how to embrace more of those elements.
Now, with many of my posts, I'll "Google" the topic and see what else pops up in my browser.
One of the interesting recurring themes about how people are defining themselves - especially in school - is through the way they dress. Other topics that came up often include "what do we surround ourselves with", such as furnishings, our car, and other external ways to define our look and feel. But I feel that we are unique not just through how we look, but how we feel, what we do, and how we impact other people. Our "look" and our image is just a part; in fact, mostly an external expression of what makes us truly unique individuals.
What we are that makes us unique must be embraced if we are to succeed in creating maximum impact with our life experience.

Four Ways To Be Unique

Here's my list of four ways to be unique:
1. Think and Speak in a unique way.

Frank Sinatra developed a whole way of speaking that became known as "Rat-Pack Speak" through his career. Expressions like "ring-a-ding-ding", "How's your bird?" and quotes like "You gotta love livin', baby, 'cause dyin' is a pain in the ass." Other greats, like John Lennon, were known to give sound-bites to the press. One that probably backfired was when he said "The Beatles Are Bigger Than God." Politicians, too, often make their mark through being unique.

Ronald Reagan was successful largely due to his sense of humor. When his opponent was rattling on about an issue he didn't want to deal with, he simply responded, "Well, there he goes again." People who become famous usually do so through their ability to think different, and then convey that. While your own personally calling may or may not be fame, it is still vital to think and speak in a way that resonates with your spirit and emotes who you truly are in the most unique way possible.

Don't be afraid to take chances. Be you. Be real. Be the person you need to be. What we think, feel, and say ought to be a reflection of our values.

2. Live according to a higher purpose.

Whether it be to have fun, to make the best xyz product, to be the best musician, to create a nurturing home environment for your family, to write a book about your experiences, or any myriad numerous things we may aspire to, the key with our life is to live according to a higher purpose.
What I mean is to live according to your most natural spirit, to embrace the force of life, energy, and being that is within you. This is tricky for many people. If you don't know what this purpose is, I created an e-book about Life Purpose and audio program to help you find it. You can find that at AspireNow's product section.

The key is in the questions we ask of ourselves. If you don't know the questions to ask, you can't get the answer you seek. I just help guide you through the path of questions. So, learn to be a seeker. As written in the Bible, "As you seek, so ye shall find," or something like that.

Are you being you? A terrific woman I know (pictured in Cat In the Hat costume, above-right) is great at dressing up, being a bit silly, and showing kids she teaches how to have more fun.

More Ways To Be Unique
(right: Elvis Live In Hawaii)

3. Your image matters.

THE WAY YOU DRESS CAN DEFINE YOU: Before you yawn and say "So what?" think about this for a minute. Almost everyone who makes it in the music business has a "look" to their band. The Beatles: funny hair and tight-fitting suits with skinny ties. The Who: wild flaring clothes and the original "rock" look. Elvis Presley: when you think of Elvis, do you remember the white suit from the Hawaii/Aloha show the most?

Madonna: her look captured in the movie Desperately Seeking Susan was copied by thousands of girls during the 80's. Johnny Cash: the man in black defined himself through a unique color at the time. Donna Karan, many years later, copied the trick. I recall a DK interview: "I just love black. I look good in black. Who doesn't? Black is both slender and mysterious and a little edgy." After reading that, I upped the amount of black in my wardrobe!

(Left: Geek is chic)

Even business people have a "look" to what they wear. At IBM, it was navy suits, white starched shirts, and a red or blue tie for many years. That worked for them. I've noticed that the quick upstart service firm utilized at Best Buy stores also has a look of black slacks, white short-sleeved shirts, and skinny black ties. This service company started by a savvy marketing man is called "The Geek Squad" and is enjoying phenomenal success. And, the counter-culture also has success by being different in their look and feel: Apple Computer became known for Steve Jobs wearing blue jeans. Years later, Jobs wears jeans with Black Turtlenecks. Again, have a look that says "you" to you and to people who know you, then use it to your fullest.

4. Who do you love?
Have you ever heard the expression: "He was a product of his environment"?

There seems to be a correlation between who we surround ourselves with and what happens in our lives. If you surround yourself with toxic people, you'll probably end up with a dis-ease of some sort. If your friends are mostly negative, you're probably a lot more negative than you realize. If your friends are all about making money, you're probably all about making money, too.

Consider who you surround yourself with. The ole' expression "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" also holds somewhat true with friends. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, was buddies with Henry Ford, the inventor of the model-T Ford car.

(right: My friend, Brian Narelle, who offers groovy cartoons.)

Entrepreneurs like to hang out with other entrepreneurs. Why? Because they like creativity. Musicians, same thing. It is more fun hanging with people who love, play, and appreciate music.
What do you want more of in your life? If you can define that, then you can seek out people DOING that activity or BEING that way! It's as simple as that. Now, another guideline I put in place a few years ago that I recommend to you highly is to seek out those in support of your HIGHEST GOOD. Therefore, if you have a friend in support of your highest good, they probably wouldn't lie to you, steal from you, or otherwise mistreat you.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

Another thing I will add in here as a bonus is that I think it is good to surround yourself only with the possessions you like that make you feel good and reinforce your beliefs. Mine: elegance and simplicity. So, everything I have is designed to be elegant, yet simple. At least, that's the objective. What and who are you surrounding yourself with?
You will discover more about what makes you unique when you seek out others who are also embracing their unique nature.

Do you want to know how I do this myself?

My values: I believe we ought to live large every day. I believe in being honest and sincere in my dealings with others. I believe in laughter - as often as possible. I believe in sharing our ups and downs, but focusing more on the ups. I treat others with respect, so that I may be treated equally. I try to show love in each moment. I take time to balance my life with work, fun, and family moments. I love having fun with my friends and family (pictured left: yours truly).

What I wear: I wear suits for business and jeans with untucked button-down shirts for music and casual wear.

What I drive: (pictured, right) I drive a Toyota Tundra (mostly because I like the way I feel driving it) but I also have received numerous compliments on the way the truck looks. The truck is practical (except for the gas mileage) and being a big guy, I fit in it nicely. It also drives like a car, but rides a little higher on the road. That fits me.

What my house is like: I won't show a picture here, but I can tell you that my style is a mix of modern-eclectic-Italian. I have a blackberry velvet chaise lounge that everyone coos over, a cool bar with pop-up top that has a retro-mirror, lots of wood styles, clean furniture with a minimum of knobs, and a few other odds and ends. It's a beginning of a larger vision of things to come...

Who I surround myself with: I like interesting, funny, creative, and soulful people. I like people who are successful. I find people who have faced challenges more interesting than those born with a spoon in their mouth. Make me laugh, then say something witty and smart, and you'll have my attention. Be respectful and show you're doing something interesting, you'll hold my attention longer. If you demonstrate that you're in support of my highest good, you'll become my friend for a long time. I love spending time with musicians, artists, dancers, entrepreneurs, and highly successful people.

My purpose: I am here to advise leaders. I am here to show we CAN have fun AND be successful at work. I am here to help bring more love into our work. I am here to bring more love into our life. Am I succeeding with you? Please let me know how I can make a difference for you...

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