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How To Test Out Of College

I Finished College In 5 Years.

Had I exited a year earlier, I figure that in my industry I would have earned an extra $40,000. Well, I can tell you that I didn't gain that many more friends by staying in college (in fact, I'm no longer in contact with any of the friends made that last year). Not only that, I can also tell you that finishing a year earlier would have put me ahead of the curve on problems coming up in the economy that made my life quite a bit more difficult. In addition, by earning $40,000 more, and not PAYING more for college, I could have significantly impacted my ability to buy a house sooner, by a better car sooner, and even more.

Simply put, I feel that I could have improved my life by finishing college at least a year earlier.

Do you agree?

Whether a parent, advising their child on career choices, or a student facing more education, this advice may benefit you.

Opportunities Can Pass You By...

Question: What's unique about this list of billionaires?

Sir Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin companies, and CEO of Virgin Airlines), Dean Kamen (Inventor of Segway and holder of over 80 Patents), Bill Gates and Paul Allen (Founders of Microsoft), Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple Computer), Ralph Lauren (Founder of Polo Ralph Lauren), Larry Ellison (CEO/Founder of Oracle), Michael Dell (Dell Computer), Kirk Kerkorian (Casinos).

Answer: they all quit college early.

I wonder what would have happened had these guys not opted out early.
Is is possible to learn from a Rich Jerk? Possibly. (I know, these guys are all great, but doesn't part of you wonder...?) Personally, I'd rather test-out than opt-out.
Now, even more importantly, you have an opportunity to get out of college early by TESTING OUT rather than DROPPING OUT. What's great about testing out? Well, you complete the mission. It's important to finish what we start. Below, I've put together an even more extensive list of why this would matter for most college students.

More reasons to test out early:

1. You save money through reduced tuition costs.
2. You get in less debt through fewer student loans.
3. You save money on living expenses.
4. You start making money sooner.
5. You get a jump-start on your career.
6. You still get a degree.
7. Spend less time sitting through boring classes.

Learn How to Test Out Of College

Are you anxious to get out of college more quickly and start taking on the world with your dreams? Why sit through boring classes, waste more money, and loose out on opportunities that could be yours when you could finish college and get your degree by testing out early?
Learn how to finish college FAST! 98% of participants in this program test out at least 1 year early. Skip a full-year of college or more with advice from this program:

Here are a few testimonials from this program:

"Thanks to your guides, I earned 15 CLEP credits and I am in my last class! You all have great stuff. Thanks! " -Dana

“Your guide was extremely helpful, even more so than the more expensive CLEP study guides I also purchased..I passed with flying colors.” - Gail

"..You saved me about $700 and an extra semester in college!" - Lisa

"Excellent Study Aids. Best I have Used! Thanks!!" - Hale

"The guides are very well put together...all I could ask for!" - John
If you're considering exiting college early, why wait another day?

Sure, there are programs discussing ways to "get rich quick" by alleged college dropouts. Rather than follow a dropout "guru's advice" you might want to just consider testing out. It's the ethical way to finish college early AND get your degree.

I'm always interest to know about people who dropout of college early - the ethical way! Please let me know how the program works for you.

Advice provided is for entertainment purposes. We recomment you consult your career counsellor before decided what choice is best for you with your education. Photo of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5 is courtesy Wikipedia.

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