Monday, October 22, 2007

Simplify Expectations To Manifest Abundance

Some of the biggest challenges we create for ourselves are the expectations we put on life and our relationships.

In utilizing the LAW of ATTRACTION, it is important that we realize what type of expectations can draw success and what type of expectations draw frustration.
How are you handling your expectations? Are you expecting gifts on your birthday? Do you expect a promotion or a raise at work? What does it mean if it doesn't happen?

Expectation creates an atmosphere leading to "no-win" situations. For example, say if you are always on time but your friend is frequently late. They try, but they are just late everywhere they go. By your nagging or getting upset with them do you think they will suddenly start becoming a punctual person?

What is it we expect? Are our expectations realistic? At times we can enjoy our life more by lowering the bar of expectations. Often, I am my own best critic when it comes to demands on what I can or am supposed to do. Perhaps this drives me to do more and be more. Other times it creates stress that detracts from achieving my goals.

In Maurice Attie's article on Reconciliation, Maurice states that before a holistic lawyer will accept a case they require you to sign a statement releasing all expectations of the outcome of your case. This requires trust in your decision -- and comfort level with your attorney. Holistic lawyers require this statement because when we release our problem to heal within then we are comfortable with the way God, nature, and spirit will work in the situation.

As the expression from the Lord's Prayer in The Bible goes, "not my will, but thy will be done" applies here quite nicely, no matter what faith we come from.

The biggest challenge with expectation is that an expectation is OUR WILL rather than an implicit TRUST in God, Spirit, or the Law of ATTRACTION to provide WHAT IS BEST FOR US. Perhaps we don't get that raise at work because we've got OTHER fish to fry - another job, another career, or even our own venture might be more important, and if we got the raise we'd stay where we are. So, the frustration caused by not getting the promotion or the raise creates a desire within us to do something different: and that something is what is actually for our GREATEST GOOD.

And that ought to be what we are seeking: our HIGHEST, GREATEST GOOD. Not our selfish, most immediately gratifying good.

By releasing expectation (surrender) we also enable creativity to flourish. If there are no rules or expected outcomes in a situation, then the situation is free to flow as it will. It is as if we pull away the banks from the river and let the water choose how it would like to flow.

An understanding of the situation and faith in our angel guides can help with trusting the expectation to forces not entirely in our control. This trust does enable us to be more free and experience more abundance and live a simpler, yet more elegant life.

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Article written by Scott Andrews, Founder of AspireNow, who is a top-selling Author and Speaker on the subjects of Life Purpose and creating more abundance in our life.

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