Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bootstrapping your dream

We've posted a couple of articles to help avoid the challenges of bootstrapping for Entrepreneurs that help you start a company or get a project off the ground with gusto: click on Entrepreneur or Start a Company if you can't find the article. - Squidoo is another cool tool for organizing your articles, related books, and other useful resources, all in one page. We're starting to post Squidoo articles on posts we believe the Squidoo audience may have interest in.

Aside from that, some random ideas that keep recurring this week, from entrepreneurs I've worked with:

1. If your business plan isn't together, you're not together.
2. If you aren't making any money yet, why should anyone GIVE you any money?
3. Can you tell me the top 3 BENEFITS of each of your top 3 products or services?

Notice, I didn't say Features, or Functions. OH, and let's go a step further. Try to phrase these benefits as how they would apply to your client's EMOTIONAL needs.

Remember, people buy from emotion, then justify with logic.

When you probe for questions, make sure you always ask "how would this make you feel?" or "what types of feelings do you have about your inability to provide..." or "how might that impact you, from a personal standpoint" then listen for emotion-laden responses.

When you're able to dig into the emotional reasons someone has a problem, then sell to that, your sales % will increase 10x. Try it - it works!

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