Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Write A Book And Be An Expert

by Randy Peyser

Want to be perceived as being a top expert in your field? Writing a book is one of the quickest ways to solidify your reputation, gain credibility in the eyes of your potential clients, and make yourself stand out above your competition. Having a book will help you attract more clients, extend your visibility and build your brand.
Your book can help you obtain media exposure, attract JV partners, and seamlessly get new prospects into your pipeline.

You can use your book for back of the room sales when you are speaking, at trade shows, or whenever you want to establish your presence as an expert. In the Write-A-Book Program, you will learn how to:

  • Easily overcome objections to: "I don't know how to write or where to begin."
  • Choose from 4 different formats that make it easy to write a successful book
  • Compose a compelling title and back cover text "sell copy"
  • Use your book to upsell your more expensive services and products
  • Complete your book when everything else in your life demands attention
  • Distinguish between your publishing options and choose one that is right for you
  • Publicize your finished book online to a huge audience, and more!
"Listening to Randy Peyser is like having a book-minded Guardian Angel take you by the hand and lead you to the promised land of being a published writer. She's smart, well-connected, and passionately knowledgeable about the book business. She makes you believe you can do it; we know it'll be a lot easier with her help!" - Mary Reynolds Thompson, CPCC

Yes, you can write a book!
Purchase: The Write-A-Book Program!
Introductory Price: $149
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