Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Purity of Light in Love

I'm investigating the work of Sukyo Mahikari right now.

From the Sukyo Mahikari website, it says:

Sukyo Mahikari has its roots in an organization that Mr. Kotama Okada founded on
August 28,1959, to promote Mahikari practice. This was in response to a
revelation he received from Creator God on February 27, 1959.

Mr. Okada's heartfelt desire was to help people live in a more God-centered and spiritual way based on the universal principles that God established at Creation. In this way, people will be able to fulfill God's prayer for humanity, which is to
create a Heaven on Earth, a world of peace and harmony. He said that it is God's
greatest joy to see his children happily co-operating with each other and living
fulfilled lives.

From this description, I was struck by the concept that God's prayer for humanity is to create a Heaven on Earth, a world of peace and harmony. At a time when our nation in America is at war in two countries, and other countries are struggling to emerge from industrial poverty into the limelight of industrial powerhouses (China and India), we find our microcosm of life to be pretty small, at times. Other times, we realize that it is our immediate thoughts, actions, and emotions that are influencing a great many people.

In your relationships, are you happily co-operating with each other and living fulfilled lives?

Sometimes, we sweep things under the rug. Other times, we just accept things and say "Well, that's just the way they are. Nothing will change even if I do speak up." Are we accepting less when we know we could have more together? Embrace your best self and become the great person you were meant to be.

It is a challenge, to get it right. We must live our most fulfilled life! Our partners, friends, and children ought to be supporting that objective. If they are not, our life is out of balance.

How can we get back into balance?

Answer: by embracing God and the natural energy and flow of our higher self. We must speak our truth, we must dig deep into the soul of our relationships and share our deepest thoughts with one another. We must live happily and be happy to see each other - and show it.

Have you been honoring your father-creator God's vision for you? You are a child of God. It is your right and destiny to claim your place in the joy, peace, and harmony awaiting your own Heaven on Earth.

Ask for the Divine Light - your own true light - to shine upon you, to relieve you of your guilt, burden, and challenge of being your best self. Then step into the light that washes you anew. (See picture of True Light healing exercise here). A new beginning is just around the corner...

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Anne said...

You say: "I was struck by the concept that God's prayer for humanity is to create a Heaven on Earth, a world of peace and harmony."

Sounds very inviting indeed. Who would not like such a concept? However, peace and harmony can mean very different things to different people, particularly if those people come from differing cultures.

You would need to be extremely well informed about Okada to know what constituted his concept of "peace and harmony" (English-language promotional material tends to omit such details). In brief, Okada envisaged a theocracy (not a democracy) in which all countries would be united under the leadership of Japan's supposedly divine emperor.

The "universal laws" mentioned in the Mahikari website include unegalitarian and disempowering gems, like the requirement that women be subservient to their husbands, and that all people should unquestioningly obey the will of God as defined by Okada and as interpreted by anyone higher than oneself in a vertically arranged hierarchy of power.

This is not particularly consistent with my personal concept of peace and harmony.

Seriously Fun Self-help! said...

Point well taken. I have to ask, though, "Are women better off wanting men to open doors for them, buy them dinner, but then at the same time taught ways to emasculate men?"

I doubt it. In dating women in America, I've met more than I'd like to admit who seem to be angry with men, want them to pay on dates, yet want to be treated as "equals" -- it just doesn't jive or match the natural way we're wired.

Yet, that seems to be a dominant model in Western society today that certainly is not consistent with my concept of peace and harmony. There's got to be a better way than many of the ways.

We each need to be respected, loved, and treated with class, dignity, and respect.

All nations subservient to Japan isn't my idea of peace and harmony, either. Nations ought to co-exist, same as human beings with different beliefs ought to co-exist without killing each other.

Sometimes, we have to sort through the bad stones for the gems. I would suggest you do the same. Perhaps your deep knowledge of Mahikara isn't really serving you in finding the true gems and rejecting the parts that don't work for you. After all, some of the philosophy seems worth keeping.

Nobody has all the answers and no religion can encompass "all" truth, despite any claim to such.

Anonymous said...

Mahikari on the surface seems like such an innocent means to "spiritual" enlightenment. When you dig deeper and experience first hand what they espouse, you will see that it is in fact a CULT. Their new website has gone to great lengths to improve their image, and even protests to the idea that it is a cult. . . However, no cult has ever considered itself one anyway. As the saying goes. . "If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, smells like a duck --then it IS a duck!" All readers beware of this dangerous group. They may truly believe in non-violence, but the damage they do to people's lives and their loved ones is immense.

Seriously Fun Self-help! said...

Many religions can be described as a cult. I wish you'd give more references to what makes this so, and what makes it dangerous?

Like I said, I was just scratching the surface to "investigate" this based upon the recommendation of someone in one of my social networks.

Anonymous said...

Please do continue your "investigation", as more people need to thoroughly research this seemingly harmless group. Look up characteristics of a cult. . .Yes, all religions can be viewed in some ways as a cult, BUT if you look up the definition of what a CULT is commonly described as, you will see that Mahikari fits the bill.

I know of no religion that requires you to pay $300 so that you can "be saved" and "save others"!!! That is the current cost of entry to the MAHIKARI cult. . .and just the *beginning* of all the "appreciation donations" you must give in order to be a good Kumite/member. Their new site is quite a PR piece saying that the membership fee is $5/month. . .They neglect to mention that members must "donate" CASH for just about every thing in order to be puried or blessed. Good people have gone bankrupt being sucked into this cult.

OH. . .AND WHEN YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH, you will find out the following:

Mahikari believe that Jesus did NOT die on the cross. They believe his twin brother died for him and Jesus himself had a family and died in Japan. (Refer to Dr. Tebecis book, a major Mahikari endorsed publication) It is an absolute LIE that you can remain your own religion and still be in Mahikari, especially for Christians --as this very tenet of the Mahikari belief set negates everything that Christianity is built on. MAHIKARI doesn't tell you this until your deep into the cult, so that they can attract as many members as possible and get them to be so dependent on the Mahikari way that it is impossible to leave.

KOTAMA OKADA was the mastermind behind one of the greatest atrocities of the last century. . the rape of Nangking. Look into it, and then ask yourself how is this man the Chosen One???

If you dig deeper, you will also find out that OKADA is a fraud. . that he was already part of the a group that gave "light" but he was kicked out. He stole their ideas and started his own religion in 1959 -- the message from the "creator god" was purely fabricated.

I write this as someone who was both deeply involved as a member and has also spent a lot of time researching FACTS about this Cult.

Before anyone begins preaching about light and love through MAHIKARI, please do your due diligence. It's scary to see non-members sing Mahikari praises when they don't know what they're talking about. . .

Seriously Fun Self-help! said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing. Well, I think every religion wants money, but I don't think too many REQUIRE $300... sounds more like an MLM! ha!

Well, we can all know that Jesus didn't die in Japan. That's crazy. The disciples all saw him and wrote about him dying on the cross. I know there's the "Last Temptation" material out there, which is a good novel, but people really can't believe everything they hear, now, can they?

Thanks for sharing.

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