Sunday, April 6, 2008

Find Something Special In Everyone

Are you feeling attacked, bogged down, or depressed because people don't understand you?

Perhaps, it is a matter of perspective that is bothering you.

It might be that you just haven't yet learned the secret to finding something special in everyone. Or, perhaps you forgot that this simple rule is one of the biggest ways to impact your own happiness.

I recall a time when I felt like some friends, strangers, and everyone in between were total jerks - or at least they were acting like jerks. But, once I shifted my perspective to seek out something good in others, my whole approach with people lifted to a higher level. As a result, I became happier with my circle of friends and newcomers.

How to find something special in everyone:

One concept that I now live by is this: find something good in everyone you meet. You can define good a number of ways:

  • What is good, or important to you;
  • What is right, or morally sound;
  • What is healthy, or physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually good for you.
I'd suggest trying each of these, without so much of a judgemental approach, but rather an approach of seeking to find the qualities you have in common first, what they do that is good second, and how you might both mutually benefit each other last.

You see, when we find something good in another person, they usually don't seem so much like a jerk, but rather a fellow human being on this crazy journey we call life.

After your initial perspective shift, take it up another level and ask yourself, "How might I most benefit this person's highest good?"

Who doesn't need a little more love? The truth is, we all need love. Give first that which you seek to gain. Give love, and you might get a little back. Don't give it to get it, just give love to everyone you meet. Seek the highest good, and give according to that.

Then, start living according to that guiding principle. When you start approaching other people from this perspective, your circle of trust will shift, your influence amongst friends will grow, and your happiness with those in your life with increase dramatically.

I wish it to be so for each of you.

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1 comment:

Susan Kledzik said...

Scott, this is totally true and immensely important!

There is absolutly something beautiful and wonderful within each person and every circimstance. It's all a matter, not of how you look at it, but how you choose to look at it.

Thank you for this amazing article!

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