Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spring Can Represent Joy

Are you experiencing Joy in your life?

When we are sad, unhappy, or dissatisfied with life results, joy often fades.

What can we do to get JOY back?

Well, just like the seasons, sometimes after the cold winter and dying out of the old plant life, new seedlings take hold. When these new seedlings sprout up, the new plants, flowers, and trees grow and begin to bloom. I've noticed that many of these bloom in Spring, and others pop-up in Summer. Spring heralds the opportunity for new life.

If you've experienced a valley, gone through a relationship struggle, felt stagnated, or even died a little death inside, perhaps May 1 is a time you can embrace the NEW LIFE awaiting you.

Last night, I went to a spiritual healer's house to discover what type of healing they offered. During my healing, I noticed as they went over each area of my chakra, they discovered the areas out of alignment and also mentioned what they wanted to bring in. The result: they brought me back to my core power and brought me back to what I most want to be in this world: a happy, fun, playful, joyful person who shares that joy and fun with others!

Be who you really are...

Hallelujah! Sometimes, we forget who we are. We get all serious. we get bogged down in the "bummer" moments of life. But that's not what life is all about! Life is about playing, having fun, experiencing, making love, dancing, laughing, and savoring the beauty in each moment.

I'm going out today seeking new JOY in each moment.

What joy can you experience with your life?

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