Monday, May 12, 2008

Join Our iNutrition Team!

Why Should You Join iNutrition and Top Team Today?
Do you want to get involved in the explosive healthcare, weight-loss, and fitness industries?

Have you ever thought "Yes, I'd like to join an network marketing company, but at the ground floor, not after 60 Million people are already in it?"

I just stumbled upon a BRAND NEW opportunity that is truly revolutionary and unique.

What makes an opportunity unique?
  1. When there are truly NO MIDDLEMEN
  2. When you deal directly with a 12 year old established manufacturer that has 700 established retail products.
  3. When you help to mold new products from the manufacturer.
This BRAND NEW site explains it all.
Imagine being able to cut out the middleman and sell products directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. This is iNutrition. iNutrition is a well-funded company with a proven track record selling millions of dollars in superb nutritional products.
So how did this all start?
iNutrition has been purchased by Tim Connolly for $25 Million dollars. He is the CEO of and the person standing behind this amazing opportunity.
His vision is to take iNutrition to the next level: the US market. That's right, iNutrition already sells products in over 16 countries, but is just starting to tap the US market for penetration.
Imagine being able to introduce INutrition products to 200 million US households. Great, right?
But what's the money? The commissions, as MLM compensation goes, is off-the-hook! I am not talking about some 3-4% like many other MLM companies pay, but some substantial commissions that will put money in your pocket very quickly.
iNutrition is different than any other network marketing company because they actually own the manufacturing facility for their products. In addition, iNutrition produce 699 of the 700 products that they sell. This means we can introduce iNutrition products to the world at the lowest prices possible and keep a substantial amount of money for ourselves.
Unlike 99.9% of other companies, iNutrition manufactures 699 of the 700 retail products!

Most of you who know AspireNow's founder, Scott Andrews, know that he doesn't jump on 99% of most MLM opportunities. Why? Because they require a lot of work, time, and many actually take you away from your life and friends. iNutrition promises to be different. It's simple, easy, and their products deliver on the promise of good health. Learn more from the iNutrition page here:

Click here to join iNutrition

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Susan Kledzik said...

I definitely love the nutrition idea! I am working on a nutritional site myself. But, I am a vegan vegetarian and holistic.

I am so excited to be creating an awesome holistic blog! It's been taking me 3 days to complete, but this is like no blog you've ever seen before:) I'm working out a few kinks, but it should be up soon.

I don't know what your diet is like, but have you considered holistic methods to healing and heatlh sustainibility?

Seriously Fun Self-help! said...

I'm not a vegan - I believe we have carnivore teeth for a reason; however, we ought to eat more fruits and vegetables. As fresh as we can get them is the key, I believe, to get the most energy from our food.

Holistic methods to health? Yes! Of course... congratulations on your new blog - can't wait to see it, Susan!

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