Thursday, May 15, 2008

Life Is A Roller Coaster

Do you ever feel like your career, dating, finances, home environment, or relationship is a roller coaster?

Life can be a roller coaster at times, can't it?

Well, if you're struggling to maintain a sense of harmony, peace, and balance, there are several thoughts I have on this subject:

First, when you walk on the beach, have you ever noticed that the sand formations are different every time you're there? At a beach near me, sometimes the sand makes a sand barge, with a creek flowing to the sea. Other times, there is no creek flowing to the sea at all. Sometimes the creek is just a trickle. Yet, other times, there are big ditches in the sand. It depends upon the time of year, whether or not there a storm passes through, and how the tide rises or falls.

I'll point out again, you may have noticed that several different factors are influencing the shape of the sand: the sea itself, the season, and the tide.

Seasons: Springs brings new seeds of life, Summer nurtures it and helps it grow, Fall ushers in a time for harvest, and Winter brings death with cold and snow. Yet, the snow melts again in Spring the very next year. Life is full of ups and downs, is it not?

Our very own heart beat is in one moment pushing new blood to our body and in the next bringing old back in for recycling. Do you see my point?

Roller coasters are part of life.

See, roller coasters are simply part of life. If we're saying "I'm sick of roller coasters" or "I'm tired of my money going up and down" or "I'm sick and frustrated with this relationship being in or out" or other things like that, at times, it may indeed be life itself that we're complaining about.

I have yet to have a relationship that is even-keel all of the time. I haven't seen too many of those amongst my friends and family, either. In addition, in work, I've seen months where I set the world on fire with sales, and other months that seemed like I was crossing the desert for water. Can you relate? Does your partner love you? That's worth a thousand winters if you have true love.

We create our own peace and harmony.

The second thought I have on this is that we often create our own situation. If we feel like our home environment is a storm, it is more than likely our own inability to create the calm we seek. Rather than look outside of ourselves for our answer to the storm, it may indeed be within us to dig deep, try something new, and/or explore new modalities of interaction.

Rather than expecting a reluctant hero to "save" us from our situation, I believe it is far more empowering to trust in God and then take action ourselves according to the wisdom given to us to correct the ghosts of Christmas past and create the current space we wish to manifest. Rather than ask "How does it feel to have peace? How does it feel to have people love and support us?" I'd rather focus on "How does it feel to be loving and supportive and offer peace to others?" then encourage those around us to embrace this new concept of peace and harmony.

We build money through better earning, spending and saving habits.

With money, increasing income combined with good habits, over time, will yield good results. So, create a good job for yourself, then instill better spending and saving habits.

With relationships, quit expecting perfection and look at how you can maximize what you have in front of you. If you've been stubborn and refusing to admit your own part in how things get messed up, then own it, break free from denial, and be the best you that you can be. Others will respond in kind, trust me.

Roller Coasters offer a mountain, but then we experience the PEAK MOMENT and the THRILL and EXUBERATION of the downhill zip!

Even though climbing up a mountain might seem laborious, consider the view when we reach the peak of the mountain top. Time stands still, in that moment. Then, when life turns and we zip downhill, the thrill of putting our hands in the air and screaming with joy at the satisfaction and exuberation that comes with success is often just around the corner. Did we quit too soon? Roller coasters create the thrills, hot make-up sex, and exciting celebrations of "making it" we so dearly yearn for as "peak" life moments. Embrace each step of the ride!

Yes, we ALL do roller coasters.

So, the next time you feel like life is a roller coaster, rather than get down in the dumps or give up on what you're trying frustrated with trying to work through, why not keep the faith, renew your energy, and know that you WILL emerge on an upswing again at some point in time.

When you reach the top of the next summit you will look back and say "yes, the roller coaster was worth the ride" when you surpass the difficulty climb, hit the peak moment, and the thrill of zipping through success. It is then you realize that your dreams do, in fact, come true. Success comes from the ride, not any particular moment. Rather than reject the roller coaster ride, embrace it: climb aboard with full gusto and joy in being part of life!

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