Saturday, May 17, 2008

Building Love Together

Why do some couples manage to keep their love strong; in fact, even growing it over time, while other

couples struggle just to maintain open communication?

I think I've discovered the secret to building love together:

It's about maintaining a sense of commitment to doing the things you most love doing together. In some cases, this might be gardening. In others, dancing. It might be walks on the beach, skiing, or going to a theme park. As couples get older, I've noticed they might share wine tasting, Sunday School, hiking, biking, and all kinds of other activities.

What activities do you enjoy doing with your honey?

If you've gotten away from doing those things, maybe that's exactly what you need to build a stronger love between the two of you.

Make the effort, set aside the time, and commit to a schedule or plan to spend quality time together. While you're doing those things, talk about the dreams you have in mind together. Keep it positive: share what you love and appreciate about each other. Ask for what you most want in your relationship, and then offer what your partner asks of you.

These are the ways couples continue to build love together, even when the sands of time slip through the hour glass.

Rather than drift apart like so many failed relationships, why not commit to watering, fertilizing, and keeping your relationship soil fertile and healthy? By putting attention into your love action even when things seem "okay" you'll keep yourself from stagnation or fear of not getting your needs met.

I truly wish more couples would take this extra step to ensure their relationship succeeds. The pain of breakups is hard. Not only that, but often the next person isn't really any better than the first, they just choose to try in a different way with the new person.

When you're not getting your needs met, rather than complain and criticize your partner - tactics that increase resentment -- instead focus on the fun activities you both share and love. You'll both walk away happy, fulfilled, and loving each other more than before you started!
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