Monday, May 5, 2008

Dusting Off Old Projects

Do you have any projects left unattended for over a year of more?

If you're trying to manifest and succeed in a given endeavor, it might surprise you how much that weed patch, garage project, or stack of paperwork might be eroding your ability to do what you want and get what you need.

Why not dust off the old projects to bring in new energy?

My suggestion: MAKE (notice, I didn't say FIND) some time to dedicate to these projects this month. May is a great time to clear out anything old and start bringing in something new.

Why May? Well, May is the middle of Spring. It makes since to do a little Spring-cleaning during this time. Not only that, but you'll find the opportunities more abundant for new life during this time, too.

Enter: The Box Project

I recently embarked on a project that's been nagging at me for YEARS: I call it "The Box Project". The Box Project included stacks of bills, invoices, magazines, article ideas, business ideas, newspaper clippings that I'd stacked up over the last three years. I started working on the box project when I was digging for documents to complete my taxes. The problem was that once I'd started the box project, I had papers all over my condo! It was ugly, to say the least.

Do a little bit every day...

One of my strategies to tackle the massive Box Project, which included over 8 boxes of paperwork, included focusing on two or three boxes a day. In the past week, I've knocked down 7 out of the 8 boxes! I have one left, which is the one that will take the most time to sort out, but I still think I can complete that last box during an evening this next week. My condo is CLEAN again!

It's a very fun and empowering thing to do, to complete these projects that nag at our energy.

The next one I'm tackling is the balcony patio, which will probably take me about 1 hour to clean up. So, that one's easy.

Then after that, I'll be reorganizing the garage so that my weight bench area is more functional. See, this is what happens: you'll complete one project, and this will open up ability to do something else you're inspired to do. Cleaning the garage opens up space for the weight bench which offers more opportunity to work out which creates the possibility to get in better shape. The "new" goal is to get in shape. Clearing the space in the garage clears a mess and allows me to achieve that new goal of working out to get in shape more easily. See how it works?

Try knocking down one or two of your own project nags and see if you can't shake the dust off your old projects and then bring in newer, exciting opportunities through the upcoming season ahead!

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Susan Kledzik said...

This is a great have to clear away the old to make way for the new. I can't even move forward if I know that there is a dish in the! I know this has a lot to do with Fung Shui, but I know little about it.

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