Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Hate Your Job

Do you hate your job?

Well, guess what? You're not alone: if you're doing the work of about 84% of the people in the world, I hate your job, too! Why? Because your JOB might just stand for "Just Over Broke" or most likely your JOB might just be something you're doing to make money, but not something you truly love! In other words, your job very well might be downright BORING! The fact is, if you're not in your DREAM JOB, as only 16% in America seem to be, then what job are you in? If it leaves more you than 30% dissatisfied, then you'd probably say "I hate my job" and frequently think your job sucks, right?

Here's a video that was created by a job-board website to imply that some jobs are better than others:

Forgive me for thinking that pushing paper is boring, or for feeling that telling lies to someone to make a sale is fulfilling to your soul, or for questioning whether getting shoved into that back-office with fluorescent lighting makes you feel happy inside. Yee-haw! Is that what you wanted to be when you grew up? At the least I can say I empathize with you hating your job.

Maybe you want higher pay, a dream job, a FUN job, or simply wish you had a way to balance work and family life AND not worry about how much paycheck is left in your month.

Is this you?

Stay tuned, though, because over the next few weeks I'll be sharing more and more insights into free ways I'm helping people in college not blow their education, helping people in jobs they hate leave them to a career they love, and blasting away the idea that you're too old, too fat, the wrong color, not smart enough, hip enough, or savvy enough to do the job of your dreams. No, I'm not advocating that you up and quit your job without a plan for the next step. I'm just suggesting that a plan is coming...

Is it too good to be true? I double-dog-dare you to find out.

Coming soon... learn "The secrets of the 16 percent..."

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ONE LAST THING: If you're one of the 16% who LOVE their job, right now, then maybe you can think of a friend (or two, or three, or four hee hee hee) who might benefit from what's going on over here at AspireNow. Cheers to you for spreading the word!


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