Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How Creative Are You Living?

Are you tapping into your deepest creativity?
Many people don't. But, we ALL have an artist within us...

Do you have skills with paint? Music? Photography? Dance?

There are so many ways to be creative. For example, even if you're known to be a song-writer, musician, and singer, you can get "outside-the-box" and open up to even deeper levels of creativity.

As an example of getting outside of expectations, take David Byrne. Byrne led the music band Talking Heads for over two decades. The band had many hits, including "Take Me To The River", "Burning Down The House", and more.

Recently, I discovered this video about Byrne wiring up a building and playing the building. I believe it was an old building in New York City.

Check it out:

My point is this: no matter what you do or where you've been, you can embrace and find NEW ways of being artful. Ask yourself "What have I always wanted to do to EXPRESS MYSELF?" Then follow that path!

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