Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What To Name Your Baby

Are you pregnant?

If so, are you trying to figure out what to name your baby? A lot of the names have changed since the days of Robert, David, Mary, Ellen, and Steve.

You're probably trying to pick a good name for your new little one. I think that bearing a child is one of the most beautiful things a mother and father can do together. Clearly, this can be a time when you can set love, light, laughter, music, and joy as a priority, and give that proactive feeling to your little luv as a head-start before your little one ever enters the world and wears Huggies. There's a brave, exciting, and wild adventure in store for your little bambino. And, you probably know as much as the people who make Pampers: what you name your baby matters. So, what will you name your child? Modern baby names have changed and the typical name of the past is unusual, today. For a thorough review on baby names, visit the article I wrote on Baby Names published at

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RC said...

That's definitly a challenge in naming a baby...and so many different challenges to consider.

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