Friday, July 11, 2008

Hands Free Cell Phones

For those of you who've followed me since the dawn of, you probably know that I'm an advocate of SMART cell phone use. However, cell phones are causing some disturbing trends. One health trend is the impact of cell phones on our health - notably increased cancer, which I discussed back in 2001. Another is cell phones and wireless or Bluetooth connections - do you ever feel like you're speaking with a "Borg" from Star Trek when someone has a Bluetooth strapped on their ear? It's kind of freaky, huh! Yet another peeve: text messaging while driving. Yeah, I've been guilty of that one myself.

Well, living in California, the new thing is "hands-free" use of the cell phone. This guideline is because of a new law enacted in California, effective July 1 of this year.

In honor (ahem) of that law, I've decided to share a humorous video that points out the shortcomings (or over-stepping) of this law. Enjoy:

I have to admit: I don't really like laws that legislate personal freedom. And, to me, talking on the cell phone in the car is a personal freedom - IF you can handle it. Many people can't, thus, the law limiting freedom. It's kind of like drinking and driving, minus the booze, plus a gadget.

Just remember, a law is supposed to help keep people safer. The idea isn't to keep you from using your hands on the cell, but to discourage cell phone use in the car, completely. However, you can still HOLD the phone with it on speaker, or dial and then put the phone on your dash. Worse yet, you can still TEXT while you drive!

My Mother pointed out to me that people are almost as distracted from having a CONVERSATION as they are from holding a phone to their head. Even worse, have you seen someone swerving on the road, then pull up next to them only to see them texting their friend, obviously with their eyes on the screen rather than the road? So, sure, observe the law. But, be smart with your technology. After all, your life is much more important than that phone call, text message, or twitter post you want to ping to your website!

For full details of the "hands-free" law in California, visit the DMV website.

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