Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who Is Captain Of Your Ship?

I've surrendered my life to a higher power. Have you?

The reason I did this is because whenever I've grabbed the wheel and tried to direct my life with my own short-sighted Ego, it seems I steer into an iceberg. Sometimes, just as with the Titanic, I don't realize how much a mucky mess I've made of things until hours, days, or months later. And, usually, just as with the Titanic, the aftermath leaves me feeling a bit less whole than when I started that journey.

There's a better way, though, than trying to captain our own ship through life. Do you know what it is?

There's a higher power awaiting each of us. It is the force some call God, others Christ, others Spirit, but whatever you want to call him he is there all the time, always available, and always accessible to tap into.

Q: How do we tap into the higher source of conscious energy in the Universe?

A: Through active prayer and surrender.

I know this sounds like a "religious" response, but really, it isn't about religion (man-made dogmatic code) but rather Universal truth based upon the laws of the Universe. I find that whenever I "surrender" my will to God's will (or Spirit's will) that I tap into that source. It is a process of forgiveness, by turning over our inadequacies, that the Christians call "The Good News" or Gospel - that you can be born again through Christ Jesus by surrendering your life to him. The Buddhists, and other religions, offer similar mantras; however, I find in my personal journey that Christ is the most powerful figure to access the source of infinite power called God. Why? Because Christ offers the path. Christ is the "light" we see at the end of the tunnel when we pass away. Christ is the figure who stands at the door knocking at our heart, waiting for us to open to receive the gift of life. Are you willing to accept what he has to offer?

The gift of true life is not fraught with the pain and sorrow of the human condition. In the spirit world, pain does not register as it does in the human condition. Christ removes this pain and replaces it with love, hope, light, and new life!

I was reminded of all these things yesterday, at my Aunt Katie's funeral. I thought about where she is heading and my dear friend, Travis Evans, shared a story that touched me. Travis is a fisherman who is still fishing, even in his 80's! He said, "You know, there are times when I've heard a story about a boat that left the shore, and people thought they could no longer see it. They thought 'Oh, we've lost them.' This is sometimes a concern amongst seafaring vessels. What we forget is that sometimes, while we're thinking 'They're gone!" there are other people on a distant bank, awaiting this same dear person, saying 'Here they are!!'" I think that is the way it is, today, with Aunt Katie. While we grieve her passing, she is greeted on the other side by those awaiting her! How exciting it must be for her!

Are you clinging to Ego, trying to make life work, feeling battered and beaten by life?

There's a better way: Surrender. The life we live, right now, stands to improve markedly when we put Christ at the helm, and our Ego second. This is the best path I've discovered to live life in the most complete and full way. Surrender your will to God's will, and see if your life doesn't take a turn for the better.

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