Monday, June 16, 2008

How To Succeed More Often

Who are you?

If you can answer this question, you can likely find your way to succeed more often than you realize possible.

Which version of "you" are you living?

Recently, I noticed that there are two versions of "Scott Andrews" I've often portrayed to the world. One version is the Scott who I believe people want to see in order for me to be successful. This version puts an image out of hard-work, success is by following the steps, and by being serious I am more powerful. This Scott did what he was told growing up.

The other version is that Scott is a totally fun guy, dancing, playing, laughing, and cracking jokes irreverently left-and-right. This Scott broke rules, ditched classes growing up, and was often told "behave!" He was told he had to be serious, stop joking around, and get work done to be successful. This Scott was told that in order to be successful, he had to repress this playful nature and he would get what he wanted because he gave the authorities what they wanted. The truth is that this Scott is most powerful when he embraces his fun self.

The real Scott; indeed, the most powerful Scott, is the latter person. The first is an image. I'm good at putting it out there. But guess what? I've come to realize that when I want to be most successful I embrace the fun Scott. When I'm all serious, I stop writing deals. When I act like I could give a c*ap and joke around, dance, laugh, play music, and get other people laughing, crying, and feeling who they are, I notice my success - with life, love, work, play, and everything is just better.

Do you know who you are? Who is The Real Me?

I remember the song by John Entwistle of the band called, The Who which is called "The Real Me" where Roger Daltrey sings "Can you see the real me, can you, can you?" In the song, the artist asks his shrink, his mother, his ex-girlfriend, and finally, his priest, if any of them can see the real me. The feeling I come away with listening to The Real Me is that none of these "authorities" truly know the real you. Only YOU know the real you. If you've got multiple persona types you put out there or have developed by being told who to be and find yourself digging through that assortment of potential "you" to find your "real" self, I'd suggest you gravitate to the core of who makes you happiest and most fulfilled. Find the person who feels most happy, alive, and excited to be alive. After all, isn't fulfillment and happiness the ultimate goal we seek as human beings?

Embrace The Real Me! It's the real you!

Now, as you can imagine, the world has often told me not to be the real me. I've been told to follow rules. I've been told to work regular "jobs". I've been told to marry a woman and have kids and the white picket fence. I've been told all kinds of things. But these were all just stuff other people wanted or thought was right. They were not who I am. I decide who I am, after all.

You are blessed. You are supposed to be the real you. You must embrace your true self or risk losing your life and tossing aside your dreams. Nothing is worse than a dream abandoned without full pursuit of its end. Embrace your dream, embrace your life.

How to be most successful:

Embrace the self you feel is most in balance with life, spirit, and the Universe.

Can I ask you a question? If your best friend, parents, or even God gave you permission to be this self you feel is your true self, would you be that person?

We often need someone to give us permission to be who we truly are. If you're struggling with accepting the real you, and scared that the real you will fail, be ridiculed, or otherwise put down by society or your associates, I have a secret for you:

God - Spirit - the Universe - LIFE ITSELF - is calling you to be your best, true, whole self.

Do you need permission from God to embrace this self?

You have permission. It has already been granted you. As a messenger of that voice, I can share that you are most blessed when you are true to the core of who you truly are; when you embrace your full, whole self -- even in the face of convention, rules, or other's desires for our behavior, you will live your best life and succeed more often.

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