Monday, June 9, 2008

Jessica Haynes on AspireNow Radio, Discusses "Get What You Want -- Now!"

Join Scott Andrews, Host of the AspireNow: Seriously Fun Self Help Radio Show this Tuesday, June 10th, at 5PM PST / 8PM EST with special guest Jessica Haynes. Jessica Haynes has been a Business and Relationship Consultant for the past twenty years, and will be taking your calls during the hour. Today she will be talking about her highly successful book, Get What You Want – Now! Money, Love, Power, and more…

That’s right: you can get the loving relationship, career, lifestyle, and level of prosperity that you always imagined for yourself. Jessica will guide you through the five steps of successful manifesting, and answer your questions regarding your relationships, work, money needs, and personal growth path. Jessica will explain how to maximize your talents, reach your potential, and live your dreams during this hour. Get ready for a lot of refreshing ideas, breakthrough perspectives, and ah-ha moments!

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Topic: Get What You Want – Now!

Jessica has been a business and relationship coach for twenty years and works with a steady clientele nationally and internationally. She counsels business leaders, noted personalities, and enjoys teaching individuals across the U.S. how to realize their dreams. Whether you are getting started on the path of finding your purpose, or focusing on your career Jessica offers renewed hope. Jessica gives you nuts-and-bolts strategies that work!

Jessica receives countless letters and e-mails from her clients and seminar participants affirming that what she teaches improves their lives. Learn how to improve your innate skills, talents, and inner confidence. She can help you maximize your potential. Jessica has been a guest on panels with such top authors and motivational speakers as Ram Dass, Raymond Moody, and Dannion Brinkley. From the State of the World Forum, to the San Francisco Expo, and as far away as Japan… she continues to share her formula for getting what you want and building a dream life.

Whether Jessica is talking about relationships, careers, or finding one’s purpose, an important point stands out… she motivates you! She connects you to your most valuable resource: YOU … that powerful part of you designed to prosper and thrive.

Here are some highlights in this hour:

  • How your thoughts affect your future.
  • How to be at the right place at the right time.
  • How to put yourself first and still win the hearts of others.
  • How to have lasting relationships and a fulfilling career.
  • How to create wealth, all the while being your true, authentic self.
  • How to stop repeating old patterns that hold you back.
  • How to find inner fulfillment, peace of mind, and a secure future.

Jessica uses both her clinical psychology background and her highly intuitive skills. In 1983, Jessica had a near death experience. The insights she gained from dying and coming back began to attract clients from across the nation. She turned her attention from that of being a top marketing executive to coaching and helping others reach their dreams and goals. Jessica will share her amazing story. She will also give you the positive ripple-effect that continues to help people around the globe.

What do you want? Is it a better relationship? Having more money? Improving your career opportunities? Learning how to communicate better with others? Enjoying more free time or expanding your hobbies? Maybe, it is being able to ask for what you want, and get it! All this, and more, is answered in Jessica’s book, and we will be talking about these win-win situations today. Jessica will walk you through the mind-set of becoming your best self and getting what you really want out of life.

It's simple and easy to join in!

When: Tuesday, June 10, 2008, 5PM PST (1 hour Internet Talk Radio Show)

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