Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Have Fun Spontaneously

Are you feeling bored or that your life is a bit on the dry side?

It's time to mix it up and do something fun!

And, if you're gonna have fun, the best way is to do it spontaneously. I'm a big fan of spontaneous fun. Many people who know me have experienced my spontaneous theme party ideas. That's right, I've created a party sometimes with as little notice as the same day... some of my parties have been birthday parties, music parties, and just fun get-together after other concert events. Others have been more elaborate, such as the "Shadadelic 60's Party" when I had James Bond's Dr. No Video playing behind the band, or the "Motorcycle Diaries Party" when everyone had to bring a dish from a country featured in the movie of the same name (talk about good food!).

What ways can you have fun?

My ways of creating fun include things like dance parties, beach parties, hikes, going skiing, spontaneous road trips to ...(?), house parties, pool parties, art gatherings, music jams, and all kinds of other stuff.

When is the last time you did something like this? Well, today is the day to make it happen. Our life is more fun when we invite fun people. So, get on the phone, send out some email invites, and have fun with it.

One of my favorite things to do is to invite people who I know will be instigators of fun. I also tend to minimize party-poopers. Be careful about inviting children - they are great for some parties and can dampen the vibe at others. What else? Hmm. Well, it's fun to have party decor. I have a string of colored lights in my kitchen from one birthday party. They were so much fun I left them up permanently! Now, any time I want to "feel" festive, I just plug in the lights!

Also, make sure you have drinks and food. Appetizers, beer, wine, water, and sodas are a must. If you can't afford the food and drink, ask friends to bring some - most of my friends usually bring enough of it that I always have way more food and drink than I need at my parties (hint - there's room for more!).

Take a shopping trip to World Market, Z Gallerie, or Pier One and get some cool party accessories like groovy cocktail napkins, plates, and things like that, and you'll make your party feel a little like you planned for it - even if it IS spontaneous!

Don't forget to put in some fun music... examples include Latin music, songs like B52's "Love Shack" - that always win big...and also some current hip music, such as the following list:

(yeah, I had a young woman ask my band to play this song last Saturday night at Mr. Rick's! I was thinking "boots with the fur?" and laughed, but the song is killer for getting a place loose)

While you're on the rap-style music, hit up this:

Modern hipsters also go crazy on the dance floor for Soulja Boy's Tell'em, Nelly's Hot In Here, and . Rijanna's "Shut Up And Drive" was a remix off of New Order's Blue Monday classic from the 80's. Both are cool party tunes. I also love Dakkab Hip Hop Orchestra, Bebel Gilberto, Zuco 103, and it's also groovy to have various acid jazz/ultra cool vibe mixes from places like The Gap or Pottery Barn. I've found that their compilations often are mixed well for parties, if I'm feeling too lazy to create one or don't have time to dial up my CD tray or MP3 loops. AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" is still popular with people, even though it is 25 years old! So, don't forget classics, either.

With music, always cater somewhat to your crowd. If your party is for an older crowd, throw in a little Stan Getz and Frank Sinatra tunes and you'll be fine. Playing "Party Like A Rock Star" and "Boots With The Fur" around my folks would surely have them frowning in no time! Ha! I'd keep those in the bag until after they decided it was past their bedtime...always make sure you hit the right songs at the right time - a must for any party success.

Fun is what fun does and who fun is with. So, plan a few fun things, mix in some good tunes, and invite fun people.

So, that's it on parties for now... but for the other things, it might be as simple as getting some veggie burgers and hamburgers, grabbing a Frisbee, and heading to the park.

Get out and have some fun today. Throw a party. Go to the park. Just do something spontaneous that expresses who you are where you can reach out to the fun people in your life.

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