Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Can You Be Materialistic AND Spiritual?

I am pondering the idea of materialism and how it relates to spirituality. For years, I went through a phase where I said, "I'm spiritual. Materialism is nice, but it is not a focus." No more. I've determined that it is possible to be materialistic AND spiritual at the same time.

"How so?" you might ask.

Yesterday, during the AspireNow: Seriously Fun Self-Help Show with Eva Gregory, we were talking about Mastering the Law of Attraction. I was describing how I wanted to manifest convincing someone to do something, for good of course, that previously I'd not thought about. The idea was to prove to some friends that I could do this. So, I told them I was going to convince Roger to let me drive his beautiful Porsche Carrera 911 to the market to get a pie for Krista, their co-worker. My friends all said "No way. He'll never let you drive his Porsche, dude." Paula, another friend, said "Hey, if he says yes, I wanna drive it, too!"

Well, as you know, I'm a bit brazen. So, I walked up to Roger, and told him it was Krista's birthday, and I wanted to go get a cake and pie for her and for the office to celebrate from the local bakery. Roger said "Yeah, that's a good idea!" I then said I didn't have the money to pay for the pie. "Just take the money from petty cash," Roger replied. Then I said "Oh, and Paula wants us to go in your Porsche instead of my big truck or her dirty car." Roger looked at me funny and said, "Who wants to drive it?" I said, "Paula does!" He said, "Sure, no problem," then handed Paula his keys. Paula then handed me the keys and said "I'm too nervous to drive that car - you drive it!" It took me as long as getting out of the parking lot to get used to sitting in that car!

Pictured (above) - Porsche Carrera 911 Targa

And, oh, was it fun driving my pal Roger's Porsche. This car is a dream. It had all the juice when I gunned it, and it whipped around the mountain road like a thoroughbred heading around the last turn at the Kentucky Derby. As I looked over at Paula, I noticed she was laughing non-stop and grinning from ear-to-ear. "Damn, this car is a magnet!" I realized. I also realized how much fun a car can truly be... the wind flowing in your hair, feeling "as one" with a piece of machine never seemed more appropriate than when I commanded the wheel of Roger's zippy sports-car.

(How fun is it driving a Porsche 911 Carrera? See this!)

While recounting the story about manifesting driving the Porsche to Eva during the show, I jokingly made the comment, "I know we're not supposed to be materialistic, but I'm in love and it's with that car!"

As an expert, well-trained coach, Eva caught my error in manifesting the car and busted the "tape" I was playing and said "Ah! But Scott, WHO SAYS you're not supposed to be materialistic? Being materialistic and spiritual are often one in the same. IT'S ALL ENERGY. Who says you can't love that car? If you're happy driving it, then I say the car is for you."

(Yep, don't be surprised if I'm not driving that car within the year... heh heh... now to find the $80K to buy it!)

I think Eva hit the spiritual and materialism nail on the head. If a material possession is energy, such as a car, and if being spiritual is energy, such as saying a prayer, then it is possible that driving a car we love and praying a prayer for someone are similar or possibly even the same thing! Driving that car put a whole new perspective on "praying without ceasing!"

Crazy, huh?

Not really. To the metaphysical scientist, E=MC2 is the formula that says energy becomes mass which can change and become energy again. But to the spiritualist, God (or Spirit) is the underlying square root of that energy. The Christians call it "God", the Native Americans "The Great Spirit" the Easterners say "the Tao" but whatever, it's all related, if you ask me. The Law of Attraction is the spiritual law that we will attract what we focus on - good or bad - and the importance is to focus or channel our thoughts, speech, and action. In Buddhism, the expression "Right Thought, Right Action, Right Speech" is all about this principle.

I've never had more fun driving a vehicle in my life as the day I drove Roger's Porsche. So, the next time you start to stop yourself for thinking that driving that cool Porsche isn't spiritual, think again. Maybe it is exactly the thing that would fulfill your spirit the most. And manifesting things that fulfill our spirit help us realize that the Law of Attraction can be applied to anything we want from life. I'm all about having fun in life, so for me, driving that car just got added to my dream board. The world is our oyster. It is up to us to crack the shell to find the pearl.

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