Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Miss You

I recall friends who used to talk with me every day. We may have emailed regularly. Others would text message or Instant Message me. For some, it was just a talk, meet, and have fun thing. Many people enter our lives, interact with us at some level of intimacy, then go on with their journey elsewhere.

To those who have helped me along my journey, as I think of you, I will send you this thought:

"I miss you...
Thank you for what you gave when you were in my life.
I am grateful for the experience of knowing you.

I send you blessings of love, happiness, joy, forgiveness, and gratitude."

Are you grateful for the people who've influenced your life?

If not, send out a thought of gratitude. Gratitude + Love + Forgiveness = Fulfillment + Happiness.

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