Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's The Meaning of Life?

"We are but a small spec of sand in the grand cosmos of the Universe. Yet, we matter, we love and are loved, we are spirits with wings to fly and soar past the seeming giants looming before us, leaving them as smaller specks in the distance. What we see with our eyes fades away but what is unseen lasts forever."
I just finished posting this to my Facebook wall after writing a three page letter to read at a gather for my friend who passed away during Fourth of July weekend celebrations. This friend was also a self-help colleague; in fact, she worked with Tony Robbins for a number of years. 
After writing the letter, the first thing I wanted to do was share with you at AspireNow. No, I haven't forgotten you. I've just been busy working on several launches this past year. First, for other companies, second, for ARRiiVE, creating first Cold to Gold, then Intelligent Social Networking,  and lately also for SLO Jazz Festival. 
But, through all of this, my core belief system that I must share a message of hope, faith, and love perseveres. I do know I am supposed to write books, speak, and share what I've learned about life, overcoming challenges, and love. I am supposed to share it with many thousands of people. 
So, I will. I am recommitting to at least posting SOMETHING here at the blog on a daily basis, to the extent possible. Wish me luck, but for sure please comment, share with friends, and pass the word along!
Thanks for sticking with AspireNow - can you believe it has been TEN YEARS!? Exciting! Maybe we'll throw a little party to celebrate! haha...
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Malena said...

Sorry that you just lost a friend.

It's a common but big question that what's the meaning of life. For me, being healthy is very important. Based on this, I think to love and care about people who around me is currently what I am doing. My meaning of life is very simple but sincere.

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