Monday, May 16, 2011

The Great Mississipi Flood of 2011

Dear AspireNow Readers:

In America, we are currently experiencing "the Great Mississipi flood of 2011" - flood waters are the highest they've been in a hundred years. The choice was made yesterday to open the floodgates, and therefore flood thousands of acres, including several towns and over 25,000 homes. In addition, millions of farmland acres will end up under water to save the City of New Orleans. As we all know, post-Katrina New Orleans does NOT need further flooding. The corps of engineers blew up a levee in Missouri to spare Tennessee and Kentucky, and other levies are being pressed like never before in history. This disaster is affecting thousands of homeowners in Missouri, Tennessee, Kansas, Mississipi, and Louisiana, especially.

Above photo: Mississipi floodgates opening to relieve pressure downstream, flooding thousands of homes and over a million acres. (provided by Reuters)

As such, I am getting involved and asking each of you to ACT NOW to help our friends in Mississipi and along the Mississipi river valley regions.

Here's how you can help:

1. Please post the "Thank you for giving your home to save NOLA" picture as your profile picture on your social networks. If you also post the following message: "Thank you, for those of you who just lost your farm, your home.... may God bless you and America! Please join me in POSTING this PIC as your profile, and DONATING NOW to help those in need. ♥" from

2. Please post the following message when you SHARE this PROFILE PICTURE:
How to help: 1) Post this pic as YOUR profile pic, w/text description. 2) TEXT to 90999 "REDCROSS" to donate $10. (if you can send more, details for your check are at ). 3) SHARE the pic link w/friends, including this message. THANK YOU for giving and making a difference - 25,000+ homeowners & farmers NEED your support NOW! ♥ from

3. Share with your friends.

At minimum, please share this article post link with your friends, so that as many people can be exposed to help those in need at this time. Thank you!

With love,
Scott Andrews, Founder of AspireNow

Send text to 90999 with "REDCROSS" to make your donation and help now.
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