Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Taking Purposeful Chances To Succeed Wildly

I once took a vacation to New York City. While in New York on the first night, we went to Iridium, a jazz club in downtown Manhattan, to hear a terrific trumpter, Wallace Roney, perform with his band. It was fabulous!

Yet, while our original plan was to entertain ourselves at the jazz club, we left the latter portion of the evening wide-open to adventure into Times Square and whatever else might catch our attention. After our fun photo shoot in Times Square, what ended up catching my attention was a bar called St. Andrews. Well, with my last name being "Andrews" how could I possibly resist? Three words for St. Andrews: "Scotch lovers heaven."

Another story I read about today featured Dewitt Jones, a nationally popular photographer with National Geographic, who shared that one of his greatest shots came from a random moment. He was experiencing a rough day where none of his shots were turning out interesting. So, he made a random chance choice to just shoot whatever was in front of him. At first, he took pictures of the parking lot, grass, shrubbery. But these pictures led him to a path, which he followed. He continued to shoot, then at the top of the path, emerged onto a vista. From that point, he shot an amazing photo of a lake nestled between the hills of mountains and surrounded by autumn leaves, mist rising from the surface from the dawn air, with two fishermen sitting serenely in their boat with lines cast gently in the water.

A point Dewitt Jones teaches is that you can have MULTIPLE RIGHT ANSWERS by simply SHIFTING YOUR PERSPECTIVE.

What I love about this video is how Dewitt shows how preparedness combined with random chance ends up creating an opportunity to be nationally famous. Perspective often becomes EXTRAORDINARY when we SHIFT our POINT OF VIEW.

Be prepared, then try shifting a few minor details, and see how it impacts your life. If it improves, shift a little more, until you find something AMAZING.

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