Friday, July 9, 2010

Journaling Impacts Coaching Results

A fellow coach emailed me recently with a request to share links - AND - the most eye-popping website I've seen in a while from a coach, called

What made it different? Several things:

1. They used elegant design.
2. Information flowed naturally.

Okay, great, good web design, no big deal, right? But here's where it gets interesting:

3. They offered an online journal with protected password to keep and note your thoughts.
4. Their journaling system enabling coaches to view and share thoughts.
5. Journal remarks could be shared with others.
6. This whole process is driven by unique software, called Journal Engine Software.

So, a journal, combined with methods to make coaching more effective, along with a way to make the membership or website a social network. As we know, journaling is powerful. Coaching is also powerful. And, social networks created this whole "Web 2.0" explosion of Internet activity over the past three to six years, re-energized the Web, and made companies like YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace a ton of money.

Now, as a coach, you have an opportunity to take a step in the direction of Web 3.0 - combining technologies and coaching to drive success further.

You can get access to this program at:

Journal Engine Software

Note: I am an affiate for this software. I would refer it even if they don't pay me when you buy. If you like their software so much you wish to be an affiliate, then join their program. When you do, reference "AspireNow" as your master affiliate, as they use a two-tier system for paying affiliates. Cool, huh? :)


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