Friday, July 30, 2010

Don't Just Sit There - GOYA!

Some of the best advice I ever received about success is this:

GOYA = Get Off Your Ass!

Is it ironic that Jerry Rice, the best wide receiver of all-time in the NFL, also maintained the most focused and intense workout ethic? For example, every time Jerry Rice caught a football, he would run it to the end zone. Why? "Because that is my objective every time I catch the ball," Jerry explained. Most receivers don't do that because you have to exert energy to run that much during practice.

This concept runs parallel to this statement:

"Do what others won't do and you will become more successful than the others."
So, in your endeavors, what are you doing? What are you NOT doing that you COULD do?

Charlie Parker became the best saxophonist in the world by playing 14 hours a day. Most saxophonists I've known will practice for 30 to 60 minutes and call it good. I find that when I rehearse more than 2 hours something shifts in me... I go into a different creative zone... and I start to CREATE new ways to PLAY MUSIC. If I only rehearsed or played for 30 minutes, I would never discover this zone! So, practice in ways others do not practice.

If you're sitting there every day talking about a dream, writing about a dream, and trying to think of how to make it perfect, guess what: someone else is out there making mistakes and just DOING IT - and perfecting their mistakes as they go along. In other words, while you're sitting there thinking about it they are DOING IT! GOYA!

I propose you consider doing those things today, this week, this month, this quarter, and this year, to make a difference. Stand out by doing things that make you stand out! Do what others say is impossible. Be the POSSIBILITY you wish to see!
Don't just sit there. GOYA and do something GREAT! You can do it!
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JNast said...


It's all about action.

I work with people that "invent" or get great "Ideas" and do you know what I hear most often...

Did you see that? I thought of that 10 years ago... I knew someone would make a lot of money on that idea someday.

I ask, WHY NOT YOU!?!?

The answer is always "I NEVER DID ANYTHING WITH IT".

I tell them next time TAKE ACTION, that is all do something, anything... even if only to give the idea to someone that will do something with it. We have a program we call Idea Giving.

We will work with an inventor to Give to Charity any amount of the proceeds they do not want or all if they do not want any.

It's a WIN WIN but it still takes action.

“Contemplation often makes life miserable. We should act more, think less, and stop watching ourselves live.”

Jason Nast
"No Problems, Only Solutions"

Steve said...

Well said! Taking action - appropriate action - is what sets dreamers & doers apart. How does one move ahead without moving in the first place? I used to have a one-panel cartoon up as a warning to myself. It showed a guy, his shirt partway open, his feet on the desk, a kind of dopey happy smile on his face and the caption was, "Harry's dreaming of setting the world on fire." No action.

Shanna said...

You said it well! If you wait until everything is perfect to start something, you will never begin. Go for your goals now; take action now!

You can never reclaim time that you lose...don't wait. The time is right now!

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