Monday, January 5, 2009

Starting The Year Off Right

Yesterday a friend shared a story that made her sad:

Her daughter's best friend gave birth to a baby two months ago. Apparently, the daughter's friend and boyfriend were visiting my friend. During the visit, the young couple got into a fight. My friend said "If you're going to fight, I must ask you to leave." Apparently, they continued fighting after they left. The young man, father of the baby, went outside to get air. While outside, a drunk driver veered off the road, struck his body, and left him in a coma essentially brain-dead. The entire family is a bit in shock over it. This is about as tragic a story as I've heard, besides John Travolta and Kelly Preston losing Jett Travolta over the weekend.

Where's the silver lining?

I think it is about the baby... a baby can bring new joy into our lives in ways nothing else can. My friend said, "Yes, Scotty, the baby is already laughing while dreaming because his father is teasing him from the *other* side..." The baby apparently brings joy to everyone who experiences this happy baby. My perspective, while walking on the beach and comforting my friend, was to simply say: "Your daughter's friend met this man not for the man, but for the baby. The story here is about the baby. She must focus on the baby to regain happiness."

Do you want proof of how baby's can bring us joy?

Look at this video taken by William, from Sweden, of his baby laughing while he makes microwave oven noises:

If you're looking to start the year off right, don't forget laughter. I wonder if the entire loss of life of that young man could have been avoided simply by laughing instead of arguing. What do you think?

Laugh more, live longer!

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