Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finishing Strong: Living Life Passionately No Matter What

I love being human. Someone forwarded a video to me today. I'm human. I cried watching it.

Why? Because this guy, Nick Vujicic, is inspiring. I'm sure this is making the rounds, but nevertheless, I want to comment about his message. First, the video:

Okay... are YOU going to FINISH STRONG?

What is REAL LOVE?

To me, it is realizing that we are not alone, that no matter what, we have a spiritual force to be reckoned with. It is in God. It is in US. It is UP TO US to recognize it, and let it flow.

Nick does this. In his talks about moving from a "Life Without Limbs" to "Life Without Limits," Nick demonstrates how he turned his struggle into one of helplessness into one of independence and through surrender (through Jesus) Nick discovered his message of inspiring hope to others. I respect Nick.

Now, if you were feeling down and out -- or that life has no meaning -- may I encourage you to check out Nick's story?

I really don't need to add anything other than to say: NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER HOW, NO MATTER WHEN, OR WHERE, LIVE LIFE TO THE COMPLETE UTMOST POSSIBLE WITHIN YOU. It is like Duke Ellington, the great jazz composer, band leader, and pianist once said, "Do the very best you can with what you've got." Or, as I tell my fellow musicians when they first come to play music with me: "Whatever you've got, bring it!" Live PASSIONATELY!

At one moment, Nick didn't think he had a future. He wanted to end his night. Today, he moved beyond those thoughts of being inadequate. But he figured something out. "There are two things we want in life. One: to be loved. Two: that everything is going to be alright." It is true, isn't it?

In another interview with Nick, where he gives his full testimony ( you'll learn more about that.

Nick is inspiring because he simply gets it:

"Girls: You are beautiful, just the way you are... "
"Boys: You 'da man!"

I'd say Nick "brings it" in each moment. Are you bringing your best to each moment?

Nick's story will give you hope:

This life here is temporary. Are you living the purpose God has for you? When you fall down, get back up, try and try and try again. And then amaze yourself - and others - when you DO IT. It is our purpose to allow this passion, this spirit, this energy to flow through us and allow it to drive us forward to live as nobody else can: it is up to us to discover that journey.

Not too long ago, I failed at something. It was both hard and embarrassing to fail. And yes, it was very hard to face that failure. I thought about checking out and ending my journey. But, then, I got back up the next day, I looked outside and the sky was blue. I drove down to my favorite beach and stared into the deep blue water as it crashed upon the sandy shore. I stood in front of the ocean and the wind whistled lightly in my ears. The smell of sea salt refreshed me. A seagull with mature white colors and a funky leg stared at me. Nature called to me. I realized I'm alive for a reason. We all are alive for a reason. Do you remember what that reason is? The answer is WITHIN YOU!

No matter what, it is there, always. After 50 years of marriage, my Uncle Howard lost his wife last year. After a couple of heart attacks, Aunt Katie's weakened body just gave out one night. This year, Uncle Howard was there at my family's festive table during the holidays. He is going on. He is continuing to live. At 85, he is finding new reasons to enjoy life. What about you?

Live passionately. Experience REAL LOVE. It is there for you. You are beautiful. You are AMAZING. You are SPECIAL. I write this to remind you that no matter what, no matter where, no matter when, you have what it takes to make people laugh, to be real, to connect with people emotionally, and to make a difference. Don't just hope for it. GO FOR IT!

Be the miracle you are in every moment!

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Tom said...

lets face it, whatever your excuse is, compared to this video, your excuse is a shame

Seriously Fun Self-help! said...

Agreed. Hey Tom - that pic on your first blog looks like where I live! Where's the pic from, do you know? - Scott

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