Wednesday, January 7, 2009

From PESSIMIST to EMPOWERED: How To Overcome Being A Naysayer

"This won't work."

Have you ever found yourself uttering those words?

I am guilty of saying those words, myself. Is this comment a form of negativity? Being real? Truthfulness? Pessimism? Maybe all of the above? But do you think it EMPOWERS the audience or TEARS THEM DOWN?

There are times when we're trying to do something difficult and someone utters "this won't work."

I'm going to suggest a new approach:

The next time you find yourself saying these words, or anything like them, try ADDING two SIMPLE WORDS into the sentence:


So, instead of saying "I can't write this article" say "I can't write this article unless we..."

What's the point?

By adding "UNLESS WE" into the sentence, you force yourself to think of a SOLUTION to the challenge. You are no longer part of the problem, but by answering with "UNLESS WE..." you are part of the SOLUTION.

People who complain and say "it can't be done" are pessimists and naysayers.

People who suggest solutions EMPOWER others and help MAKE THINGS HAPPEN and GET THINGS DONE.


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