Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love The Secret - But Unsure How?

If you're like me, you might be sick of hearing all about the movie "The Secret" but never learning HOW to do any of the manifesting they talk about.

Bla, bla, bla! Talk, talk, talk! RIGHT?

Okay, but show me the MONEY! I know, I'm an eager-beaver.
But tell me, honestly, are you any different?

Here's some good news: Tom Murasso, one of the better kept secrets in the personal development (self-help) field, recently created a new online audio course entitled, "Art of Conscious Creation" which will knock your socks off.

Seriously, there's got to be some area you'd love to sit down with a life coach and talk about - love, money, health, success - on YOUR schedule, right?

What I like about Tom's course is that it is DIFFERENT! People are paying up to $1,500 to attend this course in person. I know, I know, every guru on the block does *that*!

Maybe, but Tom's course includes 5 professionally recorded audios, course worksheets, a copy of his how-to guidebook to the LOA, "Born to Manifest" and...

...a Freeeee coaching session with Tom!

And, you'll find he's a mix of spirituality blended with love, compassion, and humor. What matters most to me is Tom's a "real guy" and also why I'm comfortable recommending his audio workshop. Plus, I personally love audio workshops, because they can be something I listen to casually while staring at the ocean, or intent with a notepad in hand. It's my choice.

The best part? All of that is only $97.00. That's only 27 cents a day if you look at it as something you can listen to over and over again the next year to really get a bang for your bank! The online audio workshop is for folks who want to finally understand EXACTLY how to utilize the Law of Attraction to their benefit and manifest more and more 'good' in their lives... and less stuff they don't want!

It's for people already working with the Law, and having limited success.

It's for those who totally get the LOA, yet have no success at all!

It's a "Do This – Then That" kind of workshop/course!

So, please take a look. I'm thoroughly convinced THIS is the secret to the Secret!

Click this link to BUY NOW: The Law of Attraction Step-By-Step Audio Workshop

You were BORN TO MANIFEST. It is so simple to do it now! Change your life!


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Jeff Rogers said...

very insightful blog, I found it very informational as well as thought provoking, i look forward to more posts

Jeff Rogers

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