Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Living Life My Way

The first part of living our life purpose is to know what we want to do with our own lives.

After we've figured that out, we sometimes are left asking the question, "Now what?"

Can you relate?

Well, I think this problem has to do with living life on our terms; or, living life my way. That's the song Frank Sinatra used to sing, My Way. For example, you may have already decided the next step for your life. You know what actions you will take. You know what you need to do to be successful. And at least you have a grip on the daily things you feel will best take you there.

Then, the voice of a friend, a parent, an authority figure, or even a random stranger enters the picture and says the dreaded: "You should do this...(fill in the blank)"

Do you let this comment confuse you? It is hard when people who we've trusted to raise us, protect us, have fun with us, or even help us make money in the past offer advice counter to that which we believe best for our own life.

If we're going to be successful in living our own purpose, then we need to listen to OUR voice. We need to listen to the voice of SPIRIT (God) in our life. We need to listen to nature. But listening to these other people is actually to live according to THEIR AGENDA for us. Perhaps you owe someone money. Or, someone else struggles to imagine the risks you take. Or, they just don't understand what you're trying to do.

In any event, I encourage you to put your full resources into your life purpose. Do not go about this bashfully. Do the things you must do to earn money to provide for your family. And, if that is this new purpose, you've got to figure out how to bring in money as quickly as possible, or risk putting the ones you love in jeopardy. I don't recommend doing that. It is best to moonlight until you have enough money saved up to launch, or until the second business is proving it can sustain more than the first. Otherwise, you may have to downsize expenses to make sure you can make ends meet. Whatever the case, do whatever you have to do to take care of business.

In the case of many people, they choose a path and then struggle to figure out ways to earn money. Look at the people who are most successful in this business you are entering. Examine how they succeed. Copy those things that help them succeed. Then be different in the ways you must to provide your own unique services.

Focus on living life YOUR WAY. In career, hobby, relationships, and family, the actions we take in how we manage our daily affairs determine much of our success. So set up your schedule and take action in such a way to create immense success in your endeavor(s). Don't be your own worst enemy; instead, be your own best ally. Then, ally others to your cause!

Living life my way is an extraordinary feeling. It is much more satisfying than living life for others, or according to the agenda of others. So, do it YOUR WAY. And enjoy the journey!

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